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Mandy Bowin, also known as Virtuoso, is a previous attendee of Super Hero High School.


Mandy has dark cropped hair and brown eyes.[1]


She got accepted into Super Hero High despite not having any superpowers, a high IQ, or even a strong personality. However, she is later expelled less than three weeks into the school year. A popular theory of Cheetah's was that she was expelled so that Wonder Woman can attend the school. Upon being informed of her expulsion, she tells Amanda Waller that she'll be back. Harley reveals that she was her roommate prior to Wonder Woman, and said that she loved her violin and played it all the time.[1]

Wonder Woman later talks to her, and she reveals that her father wanted to be a superhero but was unable to do it, resulting in him becoming the supervillain the Fiddler. She went to Super Hero High on his wishes, but decides it isn't the place for her and talks to Amanda Waller about it. Amanda lets her leave, but in order to prevent her father objecting to her departure, they stage an expulsion so she can leave without her father bothering her about it.[1]

Wonder Woman later says hi to her when she is announced as a member of the Super Hero High Triathlon team, but refers to her as "Virtuoso".[1]