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Martha Kent is a recurring character in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is Supergirl's adoptive aunt, the wife of Jonathan Kent and Superman's adoptive mother.



Helen Slater voices her in the English version of the cartoon.

Season two

In Super Hero High, Martha Kent calls out to Supergirl that it is time for her to leave the Kents' farmhouse in Smallville to begin her first day at Super Hero High School in Metropolis. She and Jonathan Kent encourage her when she expresses uncertainty about going to Super Hero High like her cousin Superman did. They convince her to go, and wave to her goodbye as she flies to the school. They later attend the assembly outside the school in celebration of their victory over the Female Furies and express pride as Supergirl is thanked for her role in the victory.[1]

Season four

In Nevermore Part 4, Martha Kent attends a Super Hero High School Parent-Teacher Association meeting in the school Weaponomics room, where she applauds as Commissioner Gordon gives Trigon wrapping paper after announcing that he will head the PTA wrapping paper fundraiser, and gets startled when he burns the paper in his hand.

Season five

In the first part of Fortress of Solidarity, Supergirl feels lonely when Martha and Jonathan Kent are not able to make the SHHS winter holiday tree lighting ceremony in favor of going to CornCon, an agricultural event, especially seeing how other students have family members that made it to the ceremony. In the second part, Batgirl tells Supergirl that right after she left the school to relieve her homesickness in the arctic, Martha and Jonathan arrived, blowing off CornCon to be with her.

Graphic Novels

Finals Crisis

In Finals Crisis, Supergirl flies from the school back to the Kent's farmhouse and tells Martha and Jonathan Kent that she is quitting school because of Semester Finals tomorrow, in which she must prove that her powers have improved since she first arrived at the school to pass. She tells them that tests have long been a weakness for her, and telling them of a time back on Krypton where she failed a science class final when bullies at her school unleashed her horse Comet, distracting her and causing the crystal she grew for her final presentation to grow out of control. They convince her to go back to school and give the Finals her hardest, and Martha remarks that if she doesn't, then the bullies win. They wish her luck and wave her good-bye as she flies back to Metropolis. Later, Supergirl mentions that she was returning from the Kent's farm when she was shot with Kryptonite as she and her friends try to explain why they are late for Finals. Although they arrived late, Principal Waller passes Supergirl and her friends after they convince her that their powers have improved since they first arrived at the school.

Hits and Myths

In Hits and Myths, Supergirl narrowly prevents the stolen Batplane from crashing into the Kents' farm. Martha and Jonathan Kent appear to investigate and meet up with Supergirl. While fleeing through the farm on foot, the leader of the thieves, Black Canary disorients Martha and Jonathan with her Canary Cry, causing Supergirl checks to see if they are alright. Upon confirming that they are, Supergirl's resolve is strengthened and she and her friends eventually defeat and capture Black Canary and her bandmates. The Kents later watch as Black Canary and the Birds of Prey are arrested and driven away, and Martha reminds Supergirl to call when she gets to the slumber party on Themiscyra with her friends.

Summer Olympus

In Summer Olympus, Supergirl mentions to Wonder Woman that she cannot spend the summer at Mount Olympus with her as she has already promised the Kents that she would spend the summer helping at their farm in Smallville, having invited Lady Shiva and Big Barda. After performing many chores on the farm, Supergirl, Barda and Shiva leave the farm to accompany their classmates to battle Ares and Strife's army of hypnotized Greek Gods and Goddesses wreaking havoc in Metropolis. The Kents do not appear themselves in the graphic novel.

Out of the Bottle

In Out of the Bottle, Harley Quinn mentions Supergirl's Aunt Martha when telling Supergirl that either one of the images she drew to be the cover for her comics project "would proudly posted to [her] Auntie Martha's fridge", while her own is "the refrigerator reject".


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