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Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse is a direct-to-video crossover film with Teen Titans Go! and is also the series finale of the DC Super Hero Girls television series[1] It was released 24 May 2022 on DVD and on 28 May 2022 on Cartoon Network (in the United States) and Teletoon (in Canada).

This is the 4th crossover between TTG and SHG - the first was the episode "Superhero Feud" in May 2020, followed by the 4-episode arc "Space House" in May 2021, and the "Exchange Students" comic in January 2022. In all cases the Titans are the first franchise billed. It also served as the series finale of the DC Super Hero Girls TV series.


  • Since Cyborg thought Wonder Woman was joking, it is very similar to The New Original Wonder Woman when a officer called Wonder Woman a joker.
  • This film marks the G2 debut appearance of the villain group, Legion of Doom.
  • Lilly Aspell does not reprise her role as Young Diana due to puberty. The role goes to Grey Griffin.
  • In the trailer, Jessica calling the Titans "Tween" is a very callback to the DCSHG episode that involves her and Karen babysitting the tween counterparts of the Titans in their own universe.
  • Phil LaMarr reprises his role as John Stewart from Justice League animated while Fred Tatasciore reprises his role as Jor-El from Teen Titans Go! to the Movies.
  • This is Nicole Sullivan's last time to voice Supergirl before leaving the show
  • This makes it the first appearance of Justice League.
  • Barbara finally tells her other teammates that Harley Quinn is Harleen.
  • This plot is similar to Sweet Justice in which both characters quit and split up. Plus, the same line "what being a superhero means".
  • Everyone in the world now knows that Lex Luthor is evil.
  • Wonder Woman joins the Justice League as a reserve member.
  • Superman and Batman show Wonder Woman about the vase she fighting the minotaur and if they would look like Ferdinand from the movie titled above.
  • Wonder Woman and her friends are ready to Phantom Zone and Batgirl saying ”All aboard The Phantom Zone Express”. Just the words for the movie of The Polar Express.
  • While the Girls are listening to Jor-El's hologram, Kara comments that the Kryptonians' home media playback systems were awful, is a reference to Superman's solo movie Man of Steel, in which Kryptonian newborns were artificially modified to be assigned to predetermined tasks.

Official Description

With the help of an ancient Kryptonian power, Lex Luthor unites the world’s Super-Villains to capture all of Earth’s Super Heroes, until … only the DC Super Hero Girls are left to stop the Legion of Doom. Our heroes must cross dimensions to rescue their fellow Super Heroes from the Phantom Zone, but a fortuitous wrong turn leads them to Titans Tower – where they find much-needed allies in the Teen Titans. The young Super Heroes discover their combined strength – and usual comic relief – are essential to save the day in this blockbuster event!


In the dimension of Teen Titans Go!, the Teen Titans were installing their new television at their headquarters when one of the legs of the shelf comes loose and the television is left tilted. Beast Boy finds a strange crystal on the floor, and places it on the shelf using it as a bookend, when then Control Freak arrives, who announces to the Teen Titans that they will have a new superhero crossover. So they all decide to watch the movie. Elsewhere in the Multiverse, on the dimension of DC Super Hero Girls, the Super Hero Girls fight against their enemies Super Villain Girls on top of a train, and although they manage to defeat them, the latter escaped through a portal that opened behind them. It turns out that the same thing happened with other villains, whom the girls' allies were fighting; so the girls investigate and discover that the chain of events is related to Cythonna, the Kryptonian Goddess of Darkness, Plague and Suffering, who many years ago her brother Rao locked her in an Amulet and banished to space.

However, the Amulet had been found by Lex Luthor, which he used to rescue the villains and form the Legion of Doom, planning to get rid of the superheroes by locking them in the Phantom Zone. The now formed team wreaks havoc through Metropolis to lure the heroes out and lock up Flash, Green Arrow, Katana, Blue Beetle, and Hal Jordan. Aqualad calls Diana, Kara and the other girls and warns them of the Legion and to find them in the park, before he being locked up along with Hawkman in the Phantom Zone. The team of heroines gathers in the park, and they find Hakwman's mace and a strange rune with Cythonna's name inscribed on it. Being a clue of Kryptonian origin, Supergirl goes to her cousin Clark to translate it. But Clark ignores her believing that Cythonna is just a legend, but he warns the Justice League that she knows about the Phantom Zone. At the girls' lair, Babs and Diana talk about their concern about the Legion of Doom; with Diana revealing to care about them, while Babs reveals that she thought more about them because of Harleen (as they now know her identity as Harley Quinn), and tries to convince her that she is not evil.

Since Clark had refused to translate the rune, Supergirl and company head to the Fortress of Solitude to search for information about Cythonna and her Amulet. But they are confronted by the Superman Robots, whom they easily defeat until the real Superman arrives, who was aware of Lex Luthor's plan and only wants to protect them. The girls refuse to give in, and fight the Justice League, until Wonder Woman stops the fight and hands the crystals to Superman, deciding to leave the rescue plan in the hands of the League, much to the girls' displeasure. However, Batgirl had secretly stolen the crystals, with the information they needed. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman receives a secret call from Batman, asking her to meet at the Daily Planet, where he and Superman tell her to join them to stop Luthor and the Legion.

Back at the base, Supergirl and her friends are watching a message from her uncle Jor-El, who gave his son a message about the Amulet of Cythonna; and the girls discover that it contains the essence of the Goddess of Darkness and plans to free herself from her prison by feeding on the souls of the wicked, use a Kryptonian vessel and claim the universe as her domain. Assuming that it is Cythonna controlling Luthor and not the other way around, the girls come to the conclusion that the League underestimated the real enemy they face, and try to call Wonder Woman to warn her, but she doesn't answer. The Teen Titans, who were still watching the movie, show their discontent at not appearing in it, realizing that the Super Hero Girls are taking advantage of their popularity.

Returning to the DCSHG universe, Lex Luthor continues to prepare his plan to claim dominion of the world. But Cythonna, having other plans, asks him about the next Kryptonian host, and not being satisfied with what she told him, she controls him to make him say what she wanted to hear. And the crystal of the Amulet continues to shatter every time, as she feels stronger with the evil of the Legion. Meanwhile in Metropolis, the girls are looking for Wonder Woman, but when they see the Justice League names in her contact list, they realize she joined the Justice League. The League heads to the Legion of Doom's base, preparing an assault to rescue the trapped heroes. Batman infiltrates the base to steal the Amulet, but it turned out to be a fake, and he is locked in the Phantom Zone by Lex Luthor.

The rest of the League confronts the Legion members, but they turned out to be holograms. Superman is locked in a Kryptonite box by Luthor, who takes him away, leaving the remnant at the mercy of his team. John Stewart and Aquaman are also locked in the Phantom Zone, leaving only Wonder Woman. Surprisingly, Harley Quinn claims her as her own and pounces on Wonder Woman only to secretly help her escape the Hall of Doom, and quickly pretends to have locked her in the Phantom Zone. For their part, Supergirl and her friends are upset and sad about the betrayal of their leader and friend, and without knowing what to do, decide give up and each one takes their own path, dissolving the team.

Lex makes his announcement to the world, revealing that he is evil and introduces the Legion of Doom as his friends; and announces to them that they will take over the world, and uses the power of Cythonna against the Moon to force them to hand over the planet to the Legion, giving them twenty-four hours to deliver the world. Hearing Luthor's announcement, Bumblebee sends an emergency call to her friends to meet at the junkyard, where she gives them a motivate speech, encouraging them to team up again to save the world and defeat the Legion of Doom. For her part, Harleen (who quited the Legion and reunited with Batgirl) retires and leaves the girls behind, claiming that she isn't interested in saving the world.

The girls go to Themyscira, arriving before Wonder Woman, with whom they meet again and, with their spirits recovered, they return to Metropolis. Having no other choice, the United Nations gives the world to the Legion of Doom, and all the villains celebrate their achievement; Lex, for his part, communicates to Cythonna that they have achieved world domination. However, she carries out her true plan and controls him, and asks Lex to show her new host. But seeing Superman, she rejects him revealing that she wanted Supergirl as host. Nonetheless, she decides to use Superman as bait to lure her out, so the Super Hero Girls will have to go to the Phantom Zone without Supergirl. With the help of her dark magic, Zatanna transports herself and the team across dimensions; but her overwhelm feeling by the dark magic accidentally strands them in the TTG dimension, where they meet the Teen Titans.

In the DCSHG universe, Supergirl arrives at the Hall of Doom, the Legion tries to trap her, but they are stopped by Cythonna, who controls them with her power. Cythonna reveals to Supergirl that she wants her as a guest and asks her to join her in showing the world the true meaning of the power; but when the latter rejects her alliance, Cythonna again uses a weakened Superman to make her change her mind, or else she would kill him. And to top it off, she locks Supergirl in the box to let her think about her decision. While in the TTG universe, the Teen Titans help the Super Hero Girls with fixing Bumblebee's computer and giving the resources they need to return to their universe, and Zatanna receives words of encouragement from Raven that help her accept her dark entity. Zatanna transports herself and the team, and they return to their universe heading towards the Phantom Zone. Meanwhile, Superman confesses to Supergirl that he had been pretending to be better than her because her friends are more united while his are somewhat divided, as well as being jealous of her strength, not physical but of character and conviction.

The Super Hero Girls arrive at the Phantom Zone and rescue their friends, and as Cythonna had become stronger, the Amulet shatters, freeing herself, but also deliberately freeing the heroes. Under the control of the goddess, the Legion of Doom fought against the Super Hero Girls, the Invinci-Bros, and the Justice League, but one by one the villains fell defeated.

Seeing that Cythonna was freed from her prison, Supergirl having no choice, decides give up to the goddess, who possessed her and puts out of her reach Lex and his Legion of Doom. When the heroes see Cythonna inside Supergirl as her new host, Wonder Woman orders Hal and the Invinci-Bros to bring the Legion to a safe place while the girls while they take charge against Cythonna. Cythonna, inside Sueprgirl's body, easily defeats the Super Hero Girls; but when she was about to hit Bumblebee, she then yells for Supergirl telling her to stop. Supergirl comes to her senses upon hearing Bumblebee, and then confronts Cythonna inside her mind. But soon she is overpowered by the Kryptonian goddess and she again fights Supergirl's friends. Batman attempts to use a Kryptonite Batarang to save her and stop Cythonna, but is stopped by Wonder Woman who along with her friends call Supergirl to keep fighting Cythonna, with Superman still weak encouraging her cousin to defeat the goddess. Cythonna threatens Supergirl to destroy her new home, but Supergirl with the moral support of her friends, then pulls out a crystal and imprisons Cythonna inside it, freeing herself and, along with Zatanna, banish Cythonna out of her universe.

Later in Sweet Justice, the Super Hero Girls along with their new member, Harley Quinn (who joined the heroes inspired by Bumblebee's speech and accepted into the team), celebrate their victory over Cythonna; with Kara making peace with Clark, Babs declining Batman's request to be his sidekick (since Robin entered his phase as Nightwing) to spend more time with her friends and Diana agreeing to be a reserve member of the Justice League. The Teen Titans are disappointed not to have been on their adventure with the girls, even though Control Freak had told them that they play an important role at the end of the story. But to their surprise, Jessica asks Zee where she sent Cythonna and her crystal, to which Zee confirms that she left it up to her to decide; revealing that Cythonna traveled to the TTG universe and possessed Control Freak to retrieve the crystal again. But the Teen Titans foil her attempt to destroy their universe, and she is once again fully defeated and banished by Raven, ending up stranded in the dimension of Super Friends. The Super Friends plan to send the cristal back, but they take one look at the Teen Titans fighting over the remote and decide not to.



Uncredited Cast


The special was first announced during 2021 DC Fandome which revealed a sneak peek clip of it along with Nightmare in Gotham.


  • This is confirmed to be the finale of DC Super Hero Girls.
  • Harley Quinn turns good at the end of this movie.

Production Errors

  • In some scenes, Jessica's body has a weird shape.


  • Don't Crossover My Heart


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