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One of the types of merchandise for DC Super Hero Girls are the roleplay toys available.


Batgirl Utility Belt[]

Roleplay stockography - Batgirl Utility Belt IRoleplay stockography - Batgirl Utility Belt IIRoleplay stockography - Batgirl Utility Belt III

The Batgirl Utility Belt is a yellow belt with the Batman symbol on the front that can be pressed to activate lights and sound effects. A detachable yellow pouch with a hidden bottom compartment, used to store four purple discs with secret messages that can be decoded using the included purple cellphone.

Wonder Woman Shield[]

Roleplay stockography - Wonder Woman Shield IRoleplay stockography - Wonder Woman Shield IIRoleplay stockography - Wonder Woman Shield IIIRoleplay stockography - Wonder Woman Shield IVRoleplay stockography - Wonder Woman Shield V

The Wonder Woman Shield is a golden disc thirteen inches in diameter with six white stars around the outside, a red center, and a golden version of Wonder Woman's symbol. There is a handle to hold onto that has a button that shoots red discs out of the shield. The discs can be reloaded by opening up the compartment accessed via the red center of the shield.


Slingshot Flying Batgirl[]

Roleplay stockography - Slingshot Batgirl

The Slingshot Flying Batgirl has a yellow handle and a purple glider with yellow accents, along with a picture of Batgirl on the side.

Slingshot Flying Supergirl[]

Roleplay stockography - Slingshot Supergirl

The Slingshot Flying Batgirl has a light blue handle and a red glider with light blue accents, along with a picture of Supergirl on the side.


Batgirl Costume[]

Roleplay stockography - Batgirl costume IRoleplay stockography - Batgirl costume II

The Batgirl Costume consists of a purple cape with gold lining and a golden bat insignia on the back, and a connected hood with bat ears. There is also a black eyemask included.

Supergirl Costume[]

Roleplay stockography - Supergirl costume

The Supergirl Costume consists of a red cape with the Superman symbol on the back.

Wonder Woman costume[]

Roleplay stockography - Wonder Woman costume

The Wonder Woman Costume consists of a red T-shirt with white sleeves and Wonder Woman's insignia in the front, a golden belt, two silver gauntlets with Wonder Woman's symbol, a golden tiara with a red star, and golden rope lasso.