Metropolis High School (aka Metropolis High) is one of the main locations in the DC Super Hero Girls television series. A high school located in the city of Metropolis, it made its debut in "Sweet Justice."

Building Description

Known Students

The following students are noted from the yearbook during the intro, and from the TV series/Super Shorts.

Main Characters

Other DC Characters (Hero or Villian or other)

Other Students

  • Richard Conner
  • Orson Klobb
  • David Fitzgibbon
  • Demi Dawkins
  • Daisy Jones
  • Candance Smith
  • Gigi Mulwray
  • Penny Incidental
  • Porter Charmeaux

Known Staff



Super Shorts


  • The school was named after a defunct school in India.
  • It is possibly similar to Gotham Academy.


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