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Metropolis High School (also simply known as Metropolis High and abbreviated as MHS) is one of the main locations in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. It is a high school located in the city of Metropolis, and it made its debut in "Sweet Justice".

Building Description[]

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Known Students[]

The following students are noted from the yearbook during the intro, and from the TV series, Super Shorts and graphic novels.

Main Characters[]

Other DC Characters (Hero or Villain or other)[]

Other Students[]

  • Richard Conner
  • Orson Klobb
  • David Fitzgibbon
  • Demi Dawkins
  • Daisy Jones
  • Candance Smith
  • Gigi Mulwray
  • Penny Incidental
  • Porter Charmeaux
  • Ireally Stinkman

Known Staff[]



Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Super Shorts[]



  • It replaces Super Hero High from the first generation of the franchise.
  • It is possibly similar to Gotham Academy.