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Scene: Super Hero High School.

Coach Wildcat: Alright, people, I wanna see less circling, more combating out there!
Star Sapphire: Coach Wildcat, how exactly do you pick these combat teams?
Wildcat: It's all about pairing the right teammates to make things even. I put a lot of thought into it.
Star Sapphire: Hmm! Good to know. (flies up) Ready or not, Supergirl, here I—
(Supergirl ice-breathes Star Sapphire. Star Sapphire gets hit and falls down.)
Star Sapphire: (bored) I guess she was ready.
(Star Sapphire covers her one eye in her hand and attempts to force her ring to bright-line the rainbow effects and hit everything to the walls. The rainbow effect, as the Kryptomite effect disguises, hit Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman. The purple effect, as the Purple Kryptomite effect disguise, hits Harley Quinn, and the pink effects hit Amanda Waller and Gorilla Grodd. The bell rings, the Supers fly out of the gym.)
Wildcat: That's the bell! Lunchtime!
Star Sapphire: (loud gasp) My ring! (she and Wonder Woman, in her yellow glow, look at Star Sapphire's cracked ring)
Her ring voice: I've been cracked.
Star Sapphire: Sorry! How do I make you better again!?
Her ring voice: Though I am violet in power. Within me I contain all elements of the emotional electromagnetic spectrum... for me to heal. They must be restored.
Star Sapphire: Don't worry, little ring. I'll get you shining again.

Scene: Lunchroom. Star Sapphire runs to Parasite.

Star Sapphire: (quickly) Hi. Okay. Have you seen any elements bouncing around here about "Yay, big extra glowy". (Parasite nods and shrugs)
(Batgirl, in her orange glow, swipes two pizzas and eats them)
Star Sapphire: Um, Batgirl, they were in line first.
Batgirl: Yeah, but I'M HUNGRY! (walks away)

Scene: Super Hero High's hallway. Poison Ivy squishes The Flash with her plants. Star Sapphire walks and looks at Beast Boy being chased by Supergirl.

Star Sapphire: Why is everyone acting so weird?
Her ring voice: The spectrum is effecting their emotions: the fear of yellow light, the greed of orange...
Her ring voice: ...the compassion of indigo.
Harley Quinn: (suddenly appears) Hi, my dearest pudding. You seem upset. How about a pie? I baked them myself.
Star Sapphire: Harley has compassion? Maybe this isn't so bad.
Her ring voice: The rage of red.
(Supergirl, in her red glow, uses laser eyes at Star Sapphire as she runs off.)
Star Sapphire: (scared) Whoa! I take it back. This is bad! Very bad! (runs off) Principal Waller, Grodd! We have to stop this before everyone in school gets mad!
Gorilla Grodd: The only madness I feel... is my love for Principal Waller. (dances with Amanda, in her violet glow)
Her ring voice: The love of violet.
Star Sapphire: Ewww! I will never be able to un-see that.
Wildcat: Knock it off, people! This is a hallway! Not combat training!
(Wonder Woman fights Big Barda, in her green glow. Star Sapphire is now focused.)
Star Sapphire: (gasps) That's it! Wildcat pair us off to make our teams even. If I pair the right emotions together, maybe they'll be normal again! (to Harley Quinn) Harley, can you spare a pie?
Harley Quinn: Why of course.
Star Sapphire: Want more pies, Batgirl?
Batgirl: GIMME!
(Batgirl and Harley Quinn return to normal.)
Harley Quinn: Here. Have all the pies! (hits pie on Batgirl's face)
Star Sapphire: It's working! Now for the others.
(Wonder Woman and Big Barda hit each other's backs and return to normal. Amanda and Gorilla Grodd grab Supergirl. Amanda, Gorilla Grodd and Supergirl return to normal. Star Sapphire's ring is fixed, the effects go back into her ring.)
Her ring voice: Ahhh.... I feel restored.
Star Sapphire: Same goes for the school. Thank goodness! Everything's back to normal. (walks off)
Gorilla Grodd: This never happened.