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[theme song playing]

[Opening shot: in the interior of the Superhero Girls base, everyone is helping clean up the place. Whereas the babies are in their cribs. Jessica is dusting the television, Zee is fluffing a chair cushion and sets it on the chair, and Babs is sweeping the floors with a broom. Babs looks to her left and the camera pulls back to follow her gaze and frames Diana, who for some reason, is intensely scrubbing the floor with a brush.]

Babs: Uh, Diana, I know you're anxious about your mom coming to visit, but you've been scrubbing that floor for hours.

Diana: Mother has a saying back home. It is not clean unless you have scrubbed until your fingers bleed.

[The girls look at each other, unsettled by the sound of that saying.]

Diana: Sounds better in our native tongue.

[The sounds of effortful grunts are suddenly heard as Diana turns to the source. The scene cuts to the bottom of the slide. It was Karen, who has come down with a box full of awards and pushes it with her two feet.]

Karen: (grunts) Here are the awards… (grunts as she lifts another small box) you wanted to show off… (places it on top of the big box) to your mom.

[She rests her head on the boxes in exhaustion for a brief moment when Diana runs past, snatching the boxes. This causes Karen to yelp as she falls, only for Babs to run in just in time to catch her as Jessica and Zee walk over. The girls watch as Diana places all of the trophies on her desk. She begins to arrange her awards, however, she finds herself having trouble deciding on the position of one of them, and keeps adjusting it back and forth. Karen is seen getting visibly annoyed by this.]

Karen: (yells) For goodness's sake, Diana. They look fine.

[This shocks her friends and Karen quickly realizes that she yelled.]

Karen: (sheepishly) I mean, (gives a thumbs up) they look great.

Diana: Sisters, (medium close-up shot) it is important Mother approve of my life here. And because she has high standards, everything must be perfect... (suddenly grasps her head as she gasps and grabs Zee by the shoulders) Persephone's grave, Zee! You missed a dust particle!

[Diana quickly scrubs it off as the scene pulls back to full shot frame the five girls.]

Diana: Remember, everyone, while Mother is here, stick to the three S's: (forces Jessica to…) Sit, (forces Karen to…) smile, (glares at Babs) and do not speak (Jessica stands up, glaring at Diana) unless spoken to. (walks out of view)

Zee: Uh, speaking of speaking when not spoken to, has anyone seen Kara? (on the last two words, cut to a medium shot of Diana)

Diana: (suddenly stops upon hearing the question, then turns around) Ah, yes. See, the thing is, I feel Mother might not approve of our dear friend's... How shall I put this? (four-person shot of her friends. Zee's arms are crossed)

Karen: Bluntness?

Babs: Crassness.

Zee: Penchant for belching the alphabet? (back to Diana)

Diana: Which is why I sent her on a “wild goose chase” that will keep her occupied until Mother and I have left for the very special (takes out a blue book with a picture of her and mother taped on it, and the words “Mother and Me” below the picture) mother-daughter tour of Metropolis I have planned. I can see it now. Mother gazes proudly at me and says what I have always dreamed of hearing. ”Diana, you are perfect-ly adequate.”

Voice: (offscreen) Diana.

Diana: Yes, Mother. (gasps as she realizes) Mother!

[Diana turns around as the camera pans right to follow her direction. Fanfare plays in the background as she sees that her mother, Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazons, is here at the base. Diana runs over to her.]

Diana: Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. Welcome to the secret headquarters of the Super Hero Girls.

Hippolyta: I suppose if my warrior command posts were located in a basement, I'd want to keep it a secret too.

[The girls look at each other with groans from the comment.]

Kara: (coming down the slide while carrying a white goose) Good news, D! I found you a wild goose! (the goose squawks and escapes her grasp, prompting her to chase it) Get over here!

[Cut to Diana and Hippolyta. They watch as Kara chases the goose offscreen.]

Babs: (comes and leans towards Diana into view, whispering) Diana, you sent Kara out on a literal wild goose chase? You know that's just a saying, right?

Kara: (o.c.) Come on, pal! (comes into view, holding the goose as it moves around) No! You're bad, Hank. Boo! Bad Hank! I-I named him Hank, (present the goose to Hippolyta) 'cause he...

Hank the Goose: (honking as some of his feathers fall onto the queen) HANK! (Pull back: he starts to chase Zee with Babs chasing after him) HANK!

Diana: (brushes the feathers off Hippolyta. To Kara, with a nervous smile) Uh, Supergirl. This is Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. And my mother. (cut to Kara between Jessica and Karen)

Kara: Hey. All right, (side view: she goes over to the Queen) put her there, (holds out her hand) Stretch.

Diana: Uh, the Queen doesn't really shake.

[Hippolyta grabs Kara's hand and they both squeeze. It looks as if it was arm-wrestling.]

Kara: (grunting) You got quite a grip.

Hippolyta: (grunting) Oh, I can say the same of yours.

[Diana doesn't like this as she watches. But then, a strange light green aura comes out of her and breaks up into four small flames. The flames soon disappear as soon as Kara and the Queen release.]

Hippolyta: Haha! (the camera pulls back to frame her and Kara) Ha! This one bears a warrior's mettle. Supergirl is a fitting mantle indeed.

Kara: You know, it is. What? What? But you can call me Kara.

Hippolyta: And I shall.

Kara: And as for you, Queen Hippo Lady or whatever it is... I'm going to call you Polly.

Diana: Um, now that you've met everyone, it is time for our mother daughter tour.

Hippolyta: Lead the way, Diana.

[Zee still runs from Hank, who is honking while still chasing her.]

Zee: Ahhh!

[Babs chases after Hank with a big net, trying to catch him. Diana and her mother come into view.]

Hippolyta: Uh, sister Kara. You must join us on this expedition.

[Diana doesn't like the sound of that and makes 'no' gestures with her hands. The scene cuts to Kara. As she says the next line, behind her back, Babs is now running from Hank, who somehow got a hold of the net in his beak. Babs falls over and Hank catches her in the net, much to the shock of Karen and Jessica, both of whom then chase after the goose.]

Kara: Well, I did have a whole afternoon of video games and goose returning planned, but I can move stuff around.

[Hippolyta smiles at this while Diana had a disappointed look.]

[Cut to a full shot of a bridge. Kara, Diana and Hippolyta have arrived there. However, a strange, mysterious figure with a light green-color mist around them, which was the same color as the aura that came out of Diana, and carrying a curved golden staff appears on top of the bridge and seems to be watching Diana. Diana looks behind her from above, but there was nothing there as the figure vanishes. She shrugs and keeps moving.]

Diana: (reading her book) Next to Gotham's Trigate Bridge, this is the world's second (Kara picks her left ear as Diana speaks) longest tied-arch bridge. In fact, Mother, you could say the bridges are (nudges her mother's right forearm as she says…) “arch enemies.” (chuckles)

[However, the Queen didn't get the joke at all.]

Kara: Hey, Diana, all this bridge talk has made me hungry. What do you say we eat?

Hippolyta: Fine idea, super one.

[Diana runs up to catch up.]

Diana: I suppose we could skip the tour I arranged for the city's (looks at her mother with a convincing smile) excellent water and power facilities.

[However, she didn't seem all that impressed.]

Diana: Okay, then let us eat. (looking into her book) Oh, how unfortunate. I reserved a table for only (glares at Kara) two, Kara.

Kara: Oh, hey, no sweat. Fine dining gives me (as she walks away) gut rot anyway. Have fun, you guys.

Hippolyta: (grabs Kara, stopping her) Nonsense. (pulls Kara right back) Any enemy of your gut is an enemy to us all. (to Kara) Tell us then, sister Kara, where in Metropolis does a warrior like yourself (Kara puts her fingers to her chin, thinking) take her meals?

[Kara snaps her fingers with a wide smile, having thought of where.]

[The scene dissolves into a hot dog stand. A little girl and her parents are seen there, getting a hot dog. Pan right to frame the group at another hot dog stand in an alley, one called a “S’ghetti Dogs” stand. The hot dogs served there seem to be topped with spaghetti, hence the name “s'ghetti dogs”. The vendor serves one to Hippolyta. Three-shot of her, and Diana, Kara, and with their own s'ghetti dogs.]

Hippolyta: (as Kara sits on two trash bags like a chair) And what manner of beef did you say this "hot dog" is made from again?

[Push in to frame Kara and Diana.]

Kara: (eating a s’ghetti dog) Mmm, best not to think about it, Polly. Little bit of this, little bit of that.

Diana: Kara, Perhaps we should eat elsewhere.

Hippolyta: (o.s.) Another!

[Quick pan to the Queen. She is practically shoveling down the hot dogs. Tossing one into her mouth and grabs two more handed to her by the vendor. As he says the next line, Hippolyta squeezes the hot dogs, shooting the sausages into her mouth and victoriously raises the remnants in each hand.]

S'ghetti Vendor: Hey, your ma's got good taste, Kara.

[Diana spits her soda out in shock from hearing the vendor mistake her mother for Kara's.]

Hippolyta: (chuckles) Though I would be proud to call Kara my daughter, she is not my child.

Diana: (smiles as she slides into view) That honor belongs to me. (looks at the hot dog) So... Now…, let us enjoy this street… meat.

[Once Diana bites into it, the ketchup, mustard, and spaghetti sauce ends up squirting out of the bun. Much to her shock, she sees that the contents splattered onto her mother. The Queen is about to snap, but then…]

Kara: (laughing hysterically as she comes into view) That was awesome. The mustard and then the ketchup. I can't stand it! I can't stand it!

[Hippolyta joins the laughter as the queen slams her fist on the S'ghetti dog stand three times, leaving it dented and shocking the vendor.]

Hippolyta: Ooh, looks like this tour's next stop is to get someone a new outfit. (laughs)

[What they didn't know was that four more strange green flames continue to come out of Diana and float around her. The strange figure from the bridge appears into view from behind the fence, watching.]

[Music plays in the background as the scene changes to the exterior of a clothing shop called “Tokyo Drift”. The group comes out through the entrance, with Hippolyta wearing an outfit that is just like Kara's. But then, Diana comes out wearing Greek attire with her hair tied in a ponytail. Unfortunately, Hippolyta takes no notice and walks off with Kara. In a medium close-up of Diana, five more strange green fires come out of her and go to a mysterious figure lurking in the shadows behind her in an alley.]

[The green mist transitions to the Metropolis Pier. There, an artist is drawing a portrait of them. Once the portrait is done and handed to Diana, she sees that the artist has her drawn standing behind a street lamp and Hippolyta hugging Kara. As it turns out, Hippolyta is watching Kara eat two hamburgers in each hand, much to Diana's dismay as four more strange green fires come out and float up out of view, with the mysterious figure watching them while on the merry-go-round.]

[Cut to a rock concert inside the Lazarus Pit. The group is there. Kara and Hippolyta are enjoying it, but Diana wasn't. Then, Hippolyta ends up hoisting one of the rockers up with her strong arms. Diana goes on the stage and attempts to try that. She jumps into the air, hoping to get caught by her mother. Only to not get caught by anyone and ends up hitting the floor. Now getting mad, Diana pounds her left fist on the ground as more of the strange green fire occurred, seven of them this time. Diana has had enough.]

Diana: Kara, may we talk? (growling-like voice) In private.

[Dissolve to the outside of the Lazarus Pit. Diana and Kara walk outside, the former clutching her book, looking very ticked off and the latter playing air guitar.]

Diana: (leans into Kara's face) What are you doing?

Kara: What do you mean? I thought we were showing your mom a good time. (Cut to Diana)

Diana: We never made any such plans, Kara.

[She looks at her book sadly, sighs and clutches it close to her chest. Over the shoulder view from Diana to Kara, who notices her expression with a sad frown, then looks down and looks up, both slightly in realization.]

Kara: Oh, you never wanted me to come along. (scratches the back of her head) Oh, man. I'm so sorry. (Cut to Diana, who looks back up at Kara o.s.) I didn't realize.

Diana: How could you not realize?!

[Side view of the two.]

Kara: (walks a couple of steps away from Diana) Look, I said I was sorry. (crosses her arms) You know, you'd think after this tour, you'd thank me for saving your bacon.

Diana: You did not save my bacon!

[Cut to the entrance of the Lazarus Pit with Diana's shadow seen on the left side of it. Hippolyta is coming out, rocking as she plays air guitar.]

Diana: (o.s.) You stole my mother's approval.

[What Diana and Kara do not know is that Hippolyta stop at the entrance upon hearing the conversation. The Queen is quite displeased at this. Cut back to Kara and Diana.]

Kara: Is that what this is about? First off, if your mom doesn't approve of your choices, that's on her. (crosses her arms again) So why can't you just tell her to get lost? (Cut to Diana on the last two words. Diana’s eyes widened in disbelief from hearing that one)

Diana: Tell Mother to get lost? That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. Listen, Kara. (getting up in Kara's face, backing her up until she is against her mother, whom she and Kara doesn't yet notice) Hippolyta is my mother. So I will kindly thank you to back off!

[On the last five words, five more green fires come out of Diana. The next line spoken by her mother catches their attention.]

Hippolyta: (in a low-angle view shot, placing her hands on Kara's shoulders) Jealousy is very unbecoming, Diana.

[Diana grows sad at this and five more green fires come out of her. Then, the camera cuts to ground view, where the strange figure from earlier, a woman, steps into view out from the shadows.]

???: Oh, there, there, Diana. (Cut to her coming out of the green mist) Your mother may find your jealousy unbecoming. But I find it delicious.

Kara: Who's the prune?

Diana: Her name is Lyssa, (cut to the goddess nodding her head) the Goddess of Rage and Frenzy.

Lyssa: Oh, and let us not forget envy. I feed off the jealousy of my enemies.

Kara: (to Diana) You guys really do have a god for everything. (smiles)

Lyssa: (chuckles o.s.) Diana, (cut back to her, taking a few steps forward) I've waited centuries to exploit your legendary desire for a mother's approval that will never come. (Cut to the group on the last four words. Kara glances at Diana with concern, who hangs her head with her eyes shut and seven more green flames emerge from her) Now, thanks to your friend, (cut to her) your envy is at its peak. (holds out her left hand which glows light green with six small spheres of magic aura appearing as the camera moves at a dutch angle) And I'm famished.

[Cut back to the group. Seven more of the light green flames come out of Diana. She is then levitated off the ground a bit, enveloped in an aura of the same color as the flames as the camera tilts up slightly, with Kara and Hippolyta looking on in shock and worry. Then the seven flames go back inside Diana and out of her chest as a bigger sphere. She falls to her knees, now drained of her envy. Cut to Lyssa. Diana’s envy makes contact with Lyssa, who glows in a light green aura. Suddenly, Lyssa is engulfed in a bright flash of energy, which then becomes a pillar.]

Hippolyta: (draws out her sword) Stand down, Lyssa!

[Hippolyta charges at the goddess and leaps into the air with a battle cry. However, Lyssa, whose eyes are seen on the energy pillar, had a golden rope come out through the pillar and tie up Hippolyta. The light green energy disappears. revealing that Lyssa has transformed into a giant demon goddess with wings. Cut to a close-up of Lyssa. With a wide, fanged, malicious smirk, Lyssa slams the amazon queen onto the ground and pins her to the wall of the Lazarus Pit, using the spear end of the rope.]

Lyssa: (laughs as she steps into view. Cut to a medium shot of her) Foolish Hippolyta. Your daughter's envy has made me stronger than ever.

[Cut to Diana. She spins and transforms into Wonder Woman, while Kara hops on one foot into view, putting on her boot as she changes into her Supergirl outfit.]

Wonder Woman: (wielding her sword) Not for long. (charges at Lyssa with Supergirl soaring behind her.)

[In a wide shot of Lyssa, Supergirl shoots lasers at Lyssa, but she manages to block and hit her away with her left wing! She tries to grab Wonder Woman, but she dodges.]

Hippolyta: Come on, Diana. Strike left.

Diana: [grunts]

Hippolyta: Your other left! What are you doing?

Supergirl: Whoa! (as she and Wonder Woman block Lyssa's fists) Is she always this supportive?

Wonder Woman: Not always. She does sleep.

[Lyssa then grabs Wonder Woman and Supergirl and throws them. Wonder Woman and Supergirl scream and they crash into a wall.]

Kara: Mmm-hmm. Sorry I messed up your plans today.

Diana: No, I am the one who must apologize.

Kara: I know. I just said sorry first to get the ball rolling.

Diana: You were merely being a good friend,and I let my jealousy consume me.

Kara: I mean, how can Wonder Woman be jealous of anyone? You're great at everything!

Hippolyta: Diana! Get your head in the game!

Diana: Right, Not everyone would agree.

Kara: When are you gonna learn, D? Not everyone needs to.

Diana and Kara: [grunts]

Kara: Whoa! Starting to regret that street meat.

[Stomach rumbling]

Hippolyta: Diana. Have you forgotten all that I have taught you? I am disapp--

Diana: Enough, Mother! I will always honor you. And I will always love you. But what I will no longer endue is the fear of falling short of your unachievable standards.

Hippolyta: Daughter. What are you saying?

Diana: I am saying that if you do not approve of the person I choose to be, then you must get lost.

Lyssa: Ah... What's... What's happening?

Diana: I have made peace with my feelings of envy, Lyssa. Your strength is gone.

Lyssa: No! [Screaming] No!

Kara: May I?

[Metal music playing]

Lyssa: [screams]

Hippolyta: [chuckling]

Kara: What's so funny?

Hippolyta: ”Arch enemy.” [laughs] I just got Diana's bridge joke.

Kara: Uh, so, I should probably leave you guys alone. Polly, it was a blast.

Hippolyta: Diana, as Princess of the Amazons, you know that you must be held to an impossibly high standard.

Diana: Yes, Mother. But I...

Hippolyta: But as my daughter, you do not know, perhaps because I have not always let you know... that I am proud of you.

Diana: Thank you, Mom.

Hippolyta: Now, I've heard much about this city's excellent water and power facilities. [sighs] If only there were a way to tour them.

Diana: Oh! Oh! I might know of a way.

[Music ends]

[Theme music playing]

[Theme music ends]