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Jed Chapin is a minor character in the DC Super Hero Girls television series. He is the principal of Metropolis High School.

Depiction in the series[]

In "Sweet Justice," after discovering that Barbara, Kara, Karen, Zatanna, and Jessica caused the first food fight on the first day of school, he gave them detention along with Diana, who posed as a transfer student.

In Mayhem in the Multiverse he saw on tv he did realize Lex and Legion of Doom are taking over the world and he accidentally Spill his coffee.


Jed Chapin is the strict, principal/teacher of Metropolis High School who doesn't like troublemakers. His personality can be easily be described as grouchy, stubborn, bad tempered and bossy. Not only does he hate troublemakers, he also hates wise guys. In "Detention Club", Mr. Chapin is Green Lantern's biggest fan, so he is kind of a fanboy.






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