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Mr. Freeze aka Victor Fries is one of the antagonists of DC Super Hero Girls, with his only major appearance to date being in the short "The Late Batsby."


Mr. Freeze is shown to be a man with light-blue skin, due to a laboratory mishap that lead his body heat reaching the level of sub-zero, which caused him to wear a cryogenic suit that allows him to live.


Mr. Freeze is shown to have a cold personality who also like to cause mayhem.

Episode Appearances[]


  • This Mr. Freeze is shown to be a combination of two known Mr. Freezes.
    • His appearance and attire resembled the Mr. Freeze from his 1992 animated incarnation.
    • His use for ice puns is similar to the Mr. Freeze from the Batman and Robin movie.
  • Mr. Freeze replaced Poison Ivy as the villain in the Super Best Friends Forever short "Time Waits for No Girl."