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Mrs. Clayface is a villain in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is the wife of fellow criminal Clayface, who is mentioned in the series but never appears.


Mrs. Clayface is a plump woman made up of amorphous mud with large white eyes and bright pink lips. She wears a pink bow on the top of her head.


  • Shapeshifting
  • Shapeshifting Combat
  • Elemental Shapeshifting
  • Clay Mimicry
  • Mud Mimicry
  • Geokinetic Combat

Depiction in the web series

Season two

In Hawkgirl's Day Off, Hawkgirl attacks Mrs. Clayface after finding her in the mud bath at the Super Spa, thinking she was committing a crime. After Mrs. Clayface counterattacks, she pursues her in and out of the steam room. Mrs. Clayface throws a hot stone at her, which Hawkgirl catches and throws back at her, causing her to slip and fall back into the mud bath. As Hawkgirl pulls her out, a spa employee tells her that she is one of the spa's regular customers and was enjoying her favorite spa amenity, the mud bath. Hawkgirl lets her go and she resumes enjoying it. Batgirl later mentions her husband as the wanted criminal while Mrs. Clayface was at the spa legitimately.[1]

Season three

In Techless Tuesday, Mrs. Clayface steals Batgirl's gadgets by pretending to confiscate them while impersonating Super Hero High School staff, intending to use them to break her husband out of Arkham Asylum. When Batgirl realizes this, she pursues Mrs. Clayface who attempts to escape in the Batjet. Her inexperience in piloting the jet allows Batgirl to climb onto the Batjet. Mrs. Clayface's tries to shake her off, but Batgirl manages to open the cockpit and engage Mrs. Clayface, ultimately saving her from falling out of the open cockpit. After they land, they resumes their battle and Mrs. Clayface grows in size after jumping into a fountain. Despite not having her equipment, Batgirl manages to defeat Mrs. Clayface by kicking a broken lamppost into the fountain, electrocuting and defeating her. As she falls out of the fountain, Batgirl tells her that she can now reunite with her husband in Arkham. In Fresh Ares Part 2, when The Flash asks Batgirl why she isn't using the Batjet, she replies "it got Clayface'd", referring to the events of "Techless Tuesday".

Season four

In Fish Out of Water Part 1, Mrs. Clayface appears being chased by Super Hero High students at a park after stealing purses. In the ensuing fight, she incapacitates Harley Quinn and Batgirl before engaging Katana. When Mera tries to help by using her powers to blast her with water from a fountain, Mrs. Clayface grows in size, enabling her to overpower Katana and escape into a sewer with the purses.

Graphic Novels

Out of the Bottle

In Out of the Bottle, Mrs. Clayface appears in Wonder Woman's comic project for art class, "Wonder Woman's Big Day" as one of the villains threatening Metropolis. In the comic, she and the other villains are defeated by Wonder Woman.



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