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Name Game is the fourth episode of DC Nation: Super Best Friends Forever.

Synopsis for "Name Game"[]

The gang fights Cheetah, while Batgirl suggests they choose an official team name. Supergirl thinks "Super Best Friends Forever" is a bad hero team name, but Wonder Girl is unfamiliar with chat acronyms and thinks their team is called "The Suboofs".


Supergirl flies down as she takes the tree and Cheetah falls down. Batgirl suggests they choose an official team name as she fights Cheetah and said "The SBFFS!", but Wonder Girl is unfamiliar as she said "The Suboofs?".

While Supergirl thinks it's not calling them the "Super Best Friends Forever" as she said "It's stupid!", as Batgirl and Supergirl are mad and Wonder Girl's attacked by Cheetah.

Supergirl grabs Cheetah and gets away with it as Batgirl stops her as she says "It's not stupid, it's totally rad!" and Supergirl calls Batgirl "Brat-girl" when she flies away. Wonder Girl grabs Supergirl and Batgirl and falls down as the Super Best Friends Forever fight as she punches her friends with such force as she said "MAKE ME!".

Supergirl covers her mouth as she said "Oh, no!", as she's sorry. She thinks that she doesn't know her strength as she could never hurt them when they're her friends. Wonder Girl thinks that they always will be as Batgirl joins in and said "And we're super!" when she's funny as Cheetah is down.



  • Wonder Girl, Supergirl, and Batgirl are arguing and fighting (including Cheetah).



Here, kitty, kitty.
[ growls ]
I've been thinking
Since we're so superly awesome
We should totally make ourselves
Experimentally special,
With an official team name!
The s.b.f.f.s!
The "suboofs"?
We are not calling
Ourselves the super best friends
It's stupid!
Um, girls?
[ action music playing ]
It's not stupid, it's
Totally rad!
You know who you're messing with,
[ gasps ]
How dare you mock the secret in
With the bat?!
Stop this at once!
[ whoosh! ]
[ all arguing ]
You started it!
Stop it!
Make me!!
Oh, no!
Oh, thank jor-el.
I-i'm sorry, girls.
Sometimes i don't know
My own strength.
I could never hurt
You two are my best friends.
And we always will be --
[ music playing ]
And we're super!
The super best friends forever.
It's perfect!
[ meows ]