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"Nevermore Part 1" is the sixteenth webisode in the fourth season of the DC Super Hero Girls web series, and eighty-first webisode overall. It was released on May 3, 2018.


Supergirl races Batgirl to see who can get to Capes & Cowls first, only to find the real Batgirl at the cafe after she her holographic self to distract people. A rude awakening outside of Metropolis caused Supergirl, Batgirl and Bumblee to investigate on what caused the eruption that's coming from the bottom of the surface that leads into the underworld.

Trigon teaches his daughter Raven a spell that opens up a portal so that she travel from one location to another. But Raven's struggle caused the surface to erupt again that has everyone running including a teen who took selfies of the incident and being rescued by Batgirl. With a demonstration and some encouragement by her father, Raven teleports to Metropolis and discovers her destruction is still going.



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  • This is Raven's first speaking appearance in the webseries.
  • Some episodes in 2018 that features a preview for Teen Titans GO! To The Movies, as well as The Late Batsy.
  • The 4-part episode shares the same episode title as Teen Titans (2003).