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Night Sting is a futuristic version of Karen Beecher in the episode, Enter Night Sting.

Depiction in the series

She first appeared in Enter Night Sting where after she took down Kara,Jessica, Zee, Babs and Diana with ease, she approached Karen and revealed herself as Future Karen (AKA Night Sting) and informs her that in one hour, her world would be destroyed unless she obtain something that her friends took from her but before she could explain what it was, Babs took up most of the time resulting in Night Sting returning to the future.

Later Night Sting returns and revealed that what Karen need was to develop a backbone as she revealed that not only was her plan was to help her past self get aggressive in a early age but that the whole "World being destroyed" speech was made up to help her became the hero she is but Karen told her that she refuse to be just like her, causing her to change the timeline and thus erasing Night Sting from existence.