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Parasite is a recurring character in the DC Super Hero Girls web series. He is the janitor at Super Hero High School who is often left to clean up the large messes made in the school.


Parasite is a tall man, with purple skin and white eyes and usually glum expression on his face. He wears a white a grey track suit, with his sleeves rolled up and a white T-shirt underneath.


  • Absorption
  • Energy Absorption
  • Power Absorption
  • Knowledge Absorption
  • Contact-Based Power Activation
  • Negative Touch
  • Powerful Touch


He is voiced by Tom Kenny in the English version of the cartoon.

Season two[]

In the special Super Hero High, Parasite first appears groaning upon seeing the extensive damage done to a Super Hero High School hallway as Vice-Principal Grodd and the students hallway clean up after it, caused by Supergirl after she crashes into the school as she first arrives. Later, he groans again upon seeing more extensive damage to a school hallway following the fight between the students and the Female Furies.[1] In the film Hero of the Year, he makes a cameo appearance cleaning up a pile of litter in front of the school before it is destroyed by Bumblebee as she shows off her Bumblebee blast before he can sweep it into a dustpan as the school decorates for the Hero of the Year ceremony. Later, he appears mopping the floors and sighs when his cart is knocked over by Dark Opal and Eclipso's shadow army passing by.

Season three[]

In the film Intergalactic Games, Parasite finishes trimming a hedge in front of the school, only for it to be run over by the tank driven by Granny Goodness and the Female Furies as they arrive to participate in the titular event. Frustrated, he drops his hedge clippers before walking away. He later groans upon seeing seeing the mess in the foyer caused by the food fight during the banquet before the Games. During the night of the final event of the games, he finishes mopping a hallway, only for it to be destroyed by Brainiac as he blasts the school. He groans in frustration before throwing his mop on the ground and storming off. In Gorilla Warfare, he makes a cameo appears cleaning the school foyer and hearing Grodd's echo, which causes a flower pot to fall and shatter, which he notices.

Season four[]

In Ha-Ha Horticulture, Parasite falls asleep while mopping the hallway along with most of the rest of the school due to Poison Ivy's sleeping poppy experiment. When Ivy and Harley Quinn distribute pollen around the school to undo the effects of the poppy, he wakes up and his head falls into his mop bucket. In Truth of the Lasso Part 4, he relaxes on a sunlounger in front of the school while drinking from a pineapple during the evening as Cheetah is forced to do his janitorial duties as punishment for provoking Giganta into a rampage by stealing her earrings, stealing Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, and kidnapping her. In Fly By Night, he whistles while pushing his cart through the halls as Wonder Woman and Bumblebee hide in a locker to sneak past him after curfew to retrieve their Phys Ed project from the cafeteria.

Season five[]

In Bottle Episode, Parasite drops the bottle city of Kandor through the trash chute, mistaking it for waste, causing Supergirl to fly down the chute after it. In Career Day, Wonder Woman is assigned to work with him for the school's career day, much to her disappointment. She helps him with his janitorial duties, mopping the halls and raking litter, and shrugs his shoulders at some of her remarks. When she sees the destroyed Lady Justice statue in front of the school, he pushes a button on a remote which shows several spares to replace it. While leading her through a maintenance tunnel, they hear Vice-Principal Grodd cry for help through an air duct and she emerges from it to battle Artemiz. After defeating her, she thanks Mr. Parasite for showing her how important his job is, but he glares at her upon seeing a pillar damaged in her fight with Artemiz. In Mood Ring, he makes a cameo appearance mopping the cafeteria during lunch as Star Sapphire asks him if he has seen the escaped mood elements from her ring. He responds by shrugging his shoulders. In Water Water Nowhere, Mera ponders if Mr. Parasite ca fix the plumbing when she notices that the water from the tap has run dry. Later, he appears repairing the broken pipe outside the school destroyed by Killer Croc that caused the water shutoff.


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