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Plastique (real name Bette Sans Souci) is a villain in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is a French Canadian woman who was unwittingly given superpowers by Mayor Sackett and Dr. Faulkner.

Graphic Novels

Date with Disaster

In Date with Disaster, Bette Sans Souci first appears in Catwoman's flashback as an unnamed woman walking to S.T.A.R. Labs accusing Mayor Sackett of lying to her a few minutes before an explosion happened in the building. Catwoman does not give a good physical description of her to Batgirl and Lois Lane as they investigate the explosion, who remark that she was gone by the time the other heroes arrived. Later, Batgirl receives a message from metropolismatch.com from Bette Sans Souci after updating her father Commissioner Gordon's dating profile. Impressed by her profile, Batgirl arranges a dinner date between them. During their date at Café Marie, the Commissioner decides to give her a private tour of Super Hero High School. When they pass by the weaponomics vault, he refuses to open it for her, and she tells her accomplice Deadshot to appear holding Batgirl hostage. After Commissioner Gordon opens the vault, she and Deadshot rob it, and lock him and Batgirl inside with a time bomb, but she expects him to be able to disarm it. As they attempt to leave the school, they are spotted by Frost and her friends in the gym, who freeze them in place. She uses her explosive powers to free them, and they escape the school.

Bette, now in her Plastique costume, arrives at the Daily Planet, while Deadshot stays behind outside to prevent them from escaping. Plastique holds the people inside hostage and demands that they publish a story of how she was betrayed by the people she trusted to hold the people in power accountable. Lois Lane interviews her, and Plastique reveals that Mayor Sackett recruited her to help him create a utopia. Instead, she was turned into a living bomb by Dr. Faulkner and she is now accusing the Daily Planet newspaper of rolling over for him. This is later confirmed when Jimmy Olsen admits that he was convinced by Mayor Sackett into pulishing stories he knew were not true. When Wonder Woman enters the building to confront Plastique, she accuses her of being sent by Mayor Sackett to stop her after hearing the voices on her communication bracelet saying that they have defeated Deadshot. As Lois attempts to reason with her, Plastique becomes incapable of controling an explosion she is about to create, and Wonder Woman carries her out of the building where she creates a large explosion near the roof of the building, sending them both crashing to the ground. As Plastique is arrested by Commissioner Gordon, Lois promises her that she will tell her story, gives her her phone card and tells her to call her when she arrives in jail.

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