#PlightOfTheBumblebee is the seventh short of DC Super Hero Girls that was released online.


Bumblebee needs to get to class to preserve her perfect attendance but can’t get out of her malfunctioning suit.


Bumblebee flies towards Metropolis High School, determined to preserve her perfect attendance record, but her suit starts malfunctioning right when she is arriving at the school grounds. Bumblebee can't take off her suit so she calls Batgirl for help and slips into the building unseen. Bumblebee navigates through the building, shrunk down to insect size, when she spots Supergirl standing by her locker. Karen tries to draw Kara's attention; unfortunately, Kara is listening to music with her eyes closed, and believes Bumblebee is an insect flitting around her. After trying to swat her away to not avail, Kara punches Bumblebee into her locker. Barbara, who has just arrived, tells Kara she has just hit Karen. Horrified, Kara opens her locker and finds Karen stuck inside, now normal-sized and thankfully uninjured. Fortunately, Karen's suit took the brunt of the blow, and when it shattered, Karen went back to normal.


Starring the Voices of


  • The title of this short is a pun on the musical score Flight of the Bumblebee, composed by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.


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