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Poison Ivy debuted in Wonder Woman at Super Hero High on March 1st, 2016.


During an assembly, she waves to Wonder Woman and signals at her to pay attention to Amanda Waller.[1]

Graphic Novels

Finals Crisis

In Finals Crisis, Poison Ivy appears walking in a Super Hero High School hallway holding a plant with Harley Quinn as the students are summoned to the auditorium through the PA system for the assembly on Semester Finals tomorrow. She later attends the last Intro to Super-Suits class before finals, where she comments that she has not seen the missing Supergirl. While in class, she thinks to herself that she uses leaves, vines and chlorophyll rather than tech such as microchips and steel while considering the assignment mentioned in class while creating a spiral of vines from the plants outside. After the class, she reports to detention, telling Vice Principal Grodd that it is for using "too much fertilizer" the day before, making her Venus fly trap monster Chompy overgrow, smash through a wall and attack Starfire and Beast Boy. While serving her detention, the Cheetah encourages her to crank up the fertilizer to prove how much her powers have improved since first arriving at the school for Semester Finals tomorrow. After detention, she runs to the greenhouse with her plant Mister Greenberg that she "liberated" from Principal Waller’s office, hoping to turn him into her "most massive plant ever". Upon arriving, she finds a doorknob ad for a 50% off sale for radioactively enhanced fertilizer, and leaves Mister Greenberg in front of the greenhouse to go to the sale. As she walks through Metropolis, she causes nearby vegetation to grow. She eventually arrives at a “seedy” LexCorp Garden Supply store and upon entering, she is locked inside by a shadowy figure. Despite her earlier intensive training, the store is sanitized with no plants or fungus growing inside, enabling her to be easily defeated and captured by the shadowy figure, who crosses her name off his list. Her baby-talking to Mister Greenberg, is revealed to have distracted Batgirl while she was studying outside the school and her battle with the shadowy figure caused such a ruckus which again distracted Batgirl while she was studying in her Beta Batcave below the building. After Harley Quinn notices Ivy and her other friends missing from her pre-Finals party, she goes off to find them. She eventually tracks the plants Ivy caused to grow to the LexCorp store, where she is trapped in a Kryptonite room with Ivy and her other friends, Batgirl, Supergirl, Katana, Bumblebee and Wonder Woman who were all captured by the figure. The figure, revealed to be Lex Luthor plans to avenge his sister’s rejection from the school by taking out its top students. While Lex boasts of his plans via a webcast, Batgirl uses her gadgets to create a power amplifier to enable Ivy to control the plants outside the building, and Ivy manages to get a small vine to infiltrate the building and free them. Ivy and her friends defeat Lex by working together, with Ivy using her vines to restrain him. They race back to the school for Finals, only to arrive a minute late. Although Waller does not allow them to take finals, Batgirl gets a message from Lois Lane who found Lex’s broadcast online. Ivy and her friends argue to Waller that this is their Semester Finals, proving that their powers have improved, since first arriving, by working together and combining their powers. Waller agrees, but gives them three weeks detention for breaking the rules. After detention, Ivy appears in the crowd of students surrounding Principal Waller as she congratulates the students for passing Finals.[2]



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