Pamela Lillian Isley (also known as Poison Ivy) is a recurring character in DC Super Hero Girls television series, who along with Robin debuted serving as the eighth and ninth main antagonist in #FromBatToWorse. She is Batgirl’s enemy.


  • Chlorokinesis
  • Plant Communication


Jessica Cruz/Green Lantern

As Pamela Isley, she finds Jessica annoying since their first interaction as Jessica tried to befriend her, despite her telling her to leave her alone as she only wanting to be friends with plants. However, they both share the same ideal as they want to protect plants and trees. As Poison Ivy, she and Green Lantern share the basic hero/enemy relationship, despite Poison Ivy's objective of trying to save plants and trees. She also attacked Jessica for being a vegan


Phil is Ivy's plant friend who she carries around everywhere she goes like he is her pet. With the ability to talk to plants, Poison Ivy can communicate with him and vice versa.

Harley Quinn


Pamela is a lonely girl who deeply cares for plants. She hates the people who harm the environment, going so far as to attempt to kill someone. She finds annoying other people, like Jessica Cruz, or she simply doesn’t care about them. She also doesn’t care about what others think about her.

Episode Appearances


Super Shorts


  • According to Lauren Faust, each of the super villain girls is based on a deadly motivation in a similar vein to the seven deadly sins, with Poison Ivy's being hate[1].
  • While it's shown that Poison Ivy cares for plant life more than human life, she doesn't mind eating meat.
  • She could be described as an antihero, because she does bad actions for good reasons.


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