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This article is about Poison Ivy (G2). For the generation one version, see Poison Ivy (G1).

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That silly little thing only shines in the polluted skies over Gotham. I tried to save that toxic cesspool, but Gotham is lost. Nothing green will ever grow there again. I can still save Metropolis, though. Return it to the glorious forest it once was. Would you like to know how?
~ Poison Ivy, "From Bat To Worse"

Pamela Lillian "Pam" Isley (also known as the supervillain Poison Ivy) is a recurring antagonist in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise, with her first major role being in "From Bat To Worse". She is a student at Metropolis High School, a member of the Super Villain Girls, and a distant friend of Jessica Cruz.


  • Chlorokinesis
  • Plant Communication
  • Plant Combat


  • Irrational Hatred
  • Pesticide and herbicide


  • Knowledge of plants
  • Survival skills
  • Hand-to-hand-combatant
  • Fighting Genius
  • Fighting Instinct


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Super Hero Girls

  • Wonder Woman (Enemy)
  • Batgirl (Enemy and First Rival)
  • Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) (Enemy and second Rival)
  • Supergirl (good friend in her civil form, enemy in her villain form)
  • Zatanna (good friend in her civil form, enemy in her villain form)
  • Bumblebee (Enemy)
  • Katana (Enemy)

The Invinci-Bros

  • Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) (Close Friend and Possible Love Interest)
  • Aqualad (Close Friend)
  • Hawkman (Close Friend)
  • The Flash (Close Friend)
  • Hawkman (Close Friend)
  • Green Arrow (Frenemies)

Super Villain Girls

  • Catwoman (Close Friend)
  • Harley Quinn (Close Friend)
  • Star Sapphire (Good Friend)
  • Giganta (Good Friend)
  • Livewire (Good Friend)

Depiction in the series

Season 1

In "From Bat To Worse", when Batgirl arrives at the Metropolis Pesticide Plant, some plants chase her and when she arrives, she trips over some pods and finds Poison Ivy sitting on a throne made of plants and she tells her that for a moment she had thought that Batgirl was Batman, and then Batgirl asks if it was because of her costume or her ninja abilities and then Poison Ivy looks at her sarcastically and grows some carnivorous plants and orders them to attack Batgirl and then she retaliates and jumps towards Poison Ivy but she grows a plant that spits out a strange purple powder. As Batgirl sees the exit and tries to escape, Poison Ivy finds her and looks at her with a desperate look and then Batgirl makes her more and more enraged and chases her in a very violent and dangerous way. When Batgirl sees an open window, she sees this as a chance to call Batman, but Poison Ivy throws and breaks her flashlight and she explains that the bat signal only works in the polluted clouds of Gotham and tells him that she herself tried to save Gotham but from so much contamination nothing green would grow there again. She says that Metropolis can be save and return to the forest that it once was. She grows some baby plants as a counteroffensive to Batgirl. Batgirl hits very hard on the wall almost to the brink of death and then tells her that nothing is going to stop her not even a silly little girl in disguise and then Batgirl drops her Bat-knight plush doll and Poison Ivy laughs at her that she can't do anything. Batgirl then frees herself and activates the bomb that was inside her doll and throws it into a pesticide bucket and manages to defeat Ivy. Commissioner Gordon arrives and tells Batgirl that she would make a better sidekick of Batman rather that Robin. Meanwhile, Poison Ivy escapes leaving pods with thorns.

In "Misgiving Tree", Jessica tries to befriend Pam Isley even though Babs tells Jess that Pam wants to be alone, and the rest of the team concurs. Jess insists on befriending her, with Pam rejecting her repeatedly. Eventually Pam finds out that Jess is protesting the cutting of an ancient tree. She joins her and they chain themselves to the tree. At night Pam tells the story of the tree who "speaks" to her by rustling in the wind. Pam grows angry over the imminent destruction of the tree. She clenches her fist in the soil, and vines grow around it. When the wrecking crew arrives, Pam vanishes and Poison Ivy attacks the crew with her vines, flipping cars, tearing the road, and coiling the vines around the workers. She throws a bulldozer at the crew, and Green Lantern deflects it back, felling the ancient tree. Poison Ivy falls to her knees, in tears and a fit of rage. She retreats into the ground with her vines and tells Green Lantern that she will pay. The next scene, Pam and Jess find an acorn by the stump of the ancient tree. They plant it, and the episode ends with a shot of the acorn growing into a sapling as Jess and Pam walk away.

In "Frenemies," she, Catwoman, Livewire, Giganta, Star Sapphire befriends Harley Quinn in Part 1 and in the end of the episode, they've formed a villain team. In Part 2, they vandalize the city by stealing jewels, causing chaos and fear, and destroying buildings and properties of the city.

In "Beeline," Poison Ivy is seen with the other girls, with Harley Quinn planning to destroy the bridge so Mrs. Johnson couldn't give her a math test the next day.

In "Soul Sisters," it was shown that Katana took her soul along with the rest of the Super Villain Girls. Not long after that, she was alive in Batgirl's bedroom after Katana realizes that being a hero doesn't mean taking someone's soul away.

In "Back In a Flash," she along with Carol, Leslie, Garth, Hal Jordan and Oliver laugh at Babs for what happened to her at school, after a few seconds after Babs and Barry return from their time travel, Pam, Carol, Hal, Garth and Oliver look at both of them as if the world has taken a turn around them.

In "Scrambled Eggs," at Home EC, Mr. Chapin (who is subbing the regular Home EC teacher) assigned the students of taking care of an egg for the weekend and told them that if the egg is broken, they get an 'F'. Pam is partnered with Jessica Cruz, but rather than spend time with Jessica, Pamela ate the egg and takes the 'F' so she wouldn't spend the weekend with Jessica. However, most of the eggs from other teams were broken, with Kara and Harleen's egg left up for grabs. She takes the egg with her, and the next day, she uses it to make an egg sandwich, which she eats in front of everyone. The episode closes after she burps.

In "Retreat," Jessica Cruz, Babs, Hal Jordan, Karen and Garth are having a camp in the middle of the forest, though Jessica confiscates all of their technology from them, including their powers. Jessica also invited Pam, who witnesses personal horrors that she sees when the rest are cutting and burning wood and picking up flowers. As Pam runs away to the forest, Babs tells the others a scary story about a witch in the forest, while at the same time, Pam transforms into Poison Ivy and summons an army of forest monsters to attack everyone. The monsters devour Aqualad, then it grabs Hal as he transforms into a monster soon after. With their powers inside the bag that was hanged on the top of a tree, the girls use the kitchen utensils from a cabin and attacked the monsters, though they were quickly captured by the monsters, and Ivy walks away victoriously, thinking that the heroes are dead. Fortunately, Jessica grabs her power ring to transform into Green Lantern and destroys all of the monsters while freeing her friends. As everyone, including Pam, are heading home, they forgot about Hal, who was locked inside a closet. And that's the last Poison Ivy appearance in Season 1.


Poison Ivy first appears in the short "Hashtag Frowny Face," Batgirl is struggling against Poison Ivy as texting her friends for help. By the time Diana manages to understand Barbara's emojis, Ivy's giant plants have surrounded the whole building. Poison Ivy's gloating is interrupted by an emoji-overloaded text from Harley Quinn, and Ivy gets frustrated because she can't understand the emojis.

In the short "Remote Uncontrolled," an argument between Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn over what to watch on television turns into a brawl that destroys their living room.

In the short "Vegecide," when Poison Ivy unleashes her wrath against a vegan restaurant, Jessica Cruz has to suit up and fight off the crazed plants and vegetables.

In the short "Equal Tights", when she was about to fight against Superman, Hal Jordan interferes in their fight by creating a tank with his green lantern ring with the only thing he achieves is to crush superman and get trapped, while Poison Ivy looks at them both and shortly after she escapes.

Season 2

In the episode "Anger Management," Poison Ivy, along with Hawkman, The Flash and Supergirl (who was urged to go), attends Jessica's workshop to control her anger problems and try to help Kara with her own. Later in Metropolis, Poison Ivy loses her temper seeing that the lake in the park would be removed to make way for a concrete statue, thus creating an algae-monster. Eventually, Green Lantern and Supergirl (who took out the central spore) were able to defeat it, with the latter throwing said spore into the sun.

In “Accept No Substitute”, almost at the beginning of the episode Batgirl and Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) were walking through one of the hallways of the school, and Batgirl was in a very good mood and next to them were walking Mr. Chapin,Hawkman and Poison Ivy, Batgirl kindly greeted Poison Ivy, Hawkman and Mr. Chapin but none of the 3 responded.

In “Detention Club”,


Pam is a lonely girl who cares deeply about plants. Ivy's love of plants caused her to put her "lives" above humans. She is willing to kill anyone she deems dangerous to plants. She finds other people, like Jessica Cruz, annoying or just doesn't care about them. She also doesn't care what other people think of her. Poison Ivy is a very beautiful villain but she is shown to have a wild, aggressive, violent, dangerous and cruel side. For instance, in the episode "From Bat To Worse," she is ruthlesss towards Batgirl during her battle at the Metropolis Pesticide Plant, whipping her very hard on the wall, almost killing her and going so far as to laugh at her for her Bat Knight doll and calling her a "silly little girl." Poison Ivy also shows that she is not afraid of Batman (unlike other criminals in Gotham City), as she did not show any signs of fear when she mistook Batgirl for Batman.


Pam is a rather short and pale-skinned teenager of thin stature, with olive-green eyes that have dark circles underneath, pale red lips, dark brown eyebrows and long, knee-length, pale-maroon colored hair with darker-colored highlights, which usually covers her right eye.

As a civilian, Pam wears a dull dark green baggy cardigan over a light yellow turtleneck shirt with a slightly darker-colored collar and a dark green leaf printed on the front, gray baggy pants, and olive-green sneakers with white soles and toes.

As Poison Ivy, her appearance changed quite drastically; she becomes green-skinned with rosy cheeks, bushy dark green eyebrows, elf-like ears and wavy, bright red hair with several curls. Her attire features a tightly-fitted green leaf-like minidress, alongside both dark green arm-length gloves and thigh-high boots.

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  • According to Lauren Faust, each of the super villain girls is based on a deadly motivation in a similar vein to the seven deadly sins, with Poison Ivy's being hate[1].
  • While it's shown that Poison Ivy cares for plant life more than human life, she doesn't mind eating meat.
  • She could be described as an antihero, because she does bad actions for good reasons.
  • Poison Ivy along with Bumblebee and Aqualad are the youngest of their groups.
  • It is revealed in the episode Detention Club that Ivy has a family, but her father's status is unknown.
  • It is shown in the episode "Anger Management" that Ivy's anger problems may have gotten worse.