"Power Outage" is the fifth webisode in the first season of the DC Super Hero Girls web series, and fifth webisode overall. It was released on November 6, 2015.


Red Tornado starts the episode by welcoming everyone to flight class. He then asks if Cheetah is joining them, but she says she's taking a catnap and that she has a doctor's note. Red Tornado then asks everyone to put on their safety belts, and Bumblebee goes first on the course. She goes through it with ease, getting a good score of 96. Wonder Woman then goes next. While she has a good start, Cheetah uses a remote to make her belt malfunction and causes her to bash into obstacles, get hit by lasers, and splattered in goo. Upon completion, she gets a score of 0. She then gets glum and says her superhero career is over, but Bumblebee cheers her up by saying all heroes have off-days. They then hug, causing Bumblebee to comment on how goopy Wonder Woman is, which leads her to put goop on her, saying they're goopy together, causing them to laugh.




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