#PowerSurge is the thirtieth episode of Season 1 of DC Super Hero Girls.


While fighting Livewire at a power plant, Supergirl is seemingly disintegrated by a massive lightning blast. She survives and returns to the hideout, but learns from a news broadcast that the public believes her to be dead. Seeing the chance to break away from the complaints over all the damage caused by her fights, she adopts the new identity of Power Girl, along with a less abrasive personality. She passes herself off as a counterpart of Supergirl from an alternate Earth and soon gains popularity, but her ego causes a rift with the other girls. After Livewire publishes an unflattering account of her fight with Supergirl, Power Girl angrily dismisses both it and her friends' attempts to remind her of what Supergirl stood for. During a fight at the reopened power plant, Livewire blasts Power Girl into a crater and boasts about defeating her as easily as Supergirl. Power Girl takes her friends' words to heart and resumes her Supergirl identity to knock out Livewire. The villain is arrested, and Power Girl "leaves" Earth as the workers start complaining about the newly wrecked plant all over again, to Supergirl's annoyance.



  • When Zee conjures up superhero outfits for Kara, many of them are inspired by previous incarnations of Supergirl.
  • Kara refers to the television show host who interviews her as Hellen, a possible allusion to Ellen DeGeneres and her eponymous daytime talk show.
  • This is the first episode that Diana have glasses. Just like from the doll version.



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