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This article is about the graphic novel of the same name. For the episode from the TV series, see Powerless (episode).
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Powerless is the second graphic novel of the second generation version for DC Super Hero Girls.


  • Chapter 1: Linked In
  • Chapter 2: Blackout
  • Chapter 3: A Tiny Malfunction
  • Chapter 4: Disconnected
  • Chapter 5: Danger! High Voltage
  • Chapter 6: Reconnected

Characters (in order of appearance)[]



  • When Green Lantern suggests to Batgirl that Supergirl could take her home, she says "[she] could fly [her] home faster than a speeding-", before Batgirl interrupts her. This is an obvious reference to the line "faster than a speeding bullet" that first appeared in the intro for the 1950s series Adventures of Superman.
  • When the girls recount their mistakes to Jennifer, Supergirl mentions having raced a train only to hit the tunnel. This is a reference to Christopher Reeves' first Superman film, where a young Superman was shown racing a train.