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Amanda Waller made her debut in Finals Crisis on July 12th, 2016.

Graphic Novels[]

Finals Crisis[]

In Finals Crisis, Principal Waller gives instructions to the students on tomorrow's Semester Finals in an assembly, telling them that to pass, they need to demonstrate that their powers have improved since their respective entrance evaluations. Later, Poison Ivy mentions liberating her plant, Mister Greenberg from Principal Waller's office, seeing it as "more than just a houseplant". Later, Katana and Beast Boy train for Finals by playing Super Hide and Seek; when Katana finds Beast Boy in Principal Waller's office, she accidentally slices a bowling trophy on her desk in two. They repair it in the Super Suits classroom to avoid being punished by her; when trying to return it to her office, Beast Boy distracts her by skateboarding in the hallway, causing her to chase after him as it is against the rules, while Katana manages to place the trophy back to her desk. Meanwhile, when Harley Quinn distributes flyers to a Finals party in her dorm, Starfire, reminds her that weekday parties are against Waller's rules, to which Harley replies that if she doesn't know, "then there's no risk of rufflin' her rule-enforcing feathers". The next day, after Harley, Katana, Ivy, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Bumblebee return to the school a minute late for Finals after freeing themselves from Lex Luthor's captivity, Waller refuses to let them take Finals due to school rules. Batgirl shares with her a video of them working together to defeat Lex Luthor, arguing that they did not have to take Finals at the school and that defeating Lex was their Finals performance. Her friends argue that before starting at the school, they were alone, and that the video is proof that their powers have improved by showing that now they can work together as a team and combine their powers. Waller agrees, but also gives them three weeks detention for breaking school rules. After detention, she appears in a crowd of students in the school auditorium congratulating them for passing Finals. [1]

Hits and Myths[]

In Hits and Myths, Ravager mentions that Principal Waller and the theatre department faculty advisor, Professor Ertigan are the only two other people with keys to the theatre department's costume room, along with herself. Meanwhile, she appears in person introducing Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn to Lobo as a potential student planning to transfer from Korugar Academy to Super Hero High. Later, after Professor Etrigan is rescued from Trigon in the Underworld, she sends him through a boom tube to somewhere safe while she works out a treaty with Trigon.

Summer Olympus[]

In Summer Olympus, Big Barda mentions that Principal Waller signed off on her and Lady Shiva's locker clean-out, with Lady Shiva adding that she said hers "was the cleanest locker that she'd ever seen". Later, Principal Waller appears eating on a table at Centennial Park with Vice Principal Grodd as they discuss preparing for the upcoming school year. Strife then uses her powers to start an argument between them to empower Ares by making Grodd demand to be school Principal, accusing her of not being strict enough with the students. Waller dismisses him, saying he would not be anywhere without her. They presumably stop fighting when Strife and Ares are defeated.

Past Times at Super Hero High[]

In Past Times at Super Hero High, Liberty Belle leaves her students and tells them that she will have to complete an incident report after returning to the present from the field trip in time to the Jurassic period due to the mess they encountered. Her students soon realize that the present has been altered as Super Hero High is now called Savage High and its Principal is Vandal Savage. Later, as Batgirl and Harley Quinn attempt to return to the present using the time machine, they arrive in Metropolis in the late 1980s and see a young Amanda Waller filling out a newspaper crossword on the stairs in front of a house. She is then attacked by Solomon Grundy, and Batgirl convinces Harley to not save her to not risk altering her future. Later, after Batgirl, Harley Quinn and their friends return to the present again after returning to the Jurassic period to prevent Vandal Savage from becoming Principal of the school, they realize that in this new timeline Mr. Fox is the Principal. Harley and Batgirl travel in time to restore the present once and for all. Upon arriving in the late 1980s again, they decide to help Amanda Waller defeat Grundy. Upon doing so, she tells them they can call her "Amanda", and Batgirl and Harley tell her that they will see her again and to remember the words "Super Hero High". Upon returning to the present again, they see that Amanda Waller is the Principal of Super Hero High. They later encounter Principal Waller in person, as she tells Poison Ivy to be careful with a plant. Harley hugs her and thanks her for allowing them to go on the field trip. Principal Waller thanks them instead, but also threatens them with detention if they call her "Amanda" again. Batgirl and Harley realize that the present timeline has finally been restored.