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Professor Etrigan is a character in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise who only appears in graphic novels. He is the poetry teacher at Super Hero High School, and a reformed villain who always speaks in rhyming couplets.

Graphic Novels[]

Hits and Myths[]

In Hits and Myths, Professor Etrigan appears teaching an Intro to Epics class, having assigned his class to study the Odyssey as homework. He briefly summarizes the plot to answer a question asked by Harley Quinn, and wakes Wonder Woman from her nap while calling on her to answer a question. When Wonder Woman asks to hear if again, the bell rings, sparing her from having to answer it. He tells her to rest as there will be a test on Monday. Later, Batgirl, Bumblebee and the Metropolis Junior Detectives Society ask Ravager about strands from a wig they found while looking for the missing Batplane, she takes them to the theater department costume closet, saying that Principal Waller and Professor Etrigan, the faculty advisor are the only other ones who have keys to the costume closet. Finding it ransacked, the Flash finds a copy of the Odyssey with Etrigan's name inside, and they deduce that he is in trouble. The Flash's friends remind him that he is now reformed as part of Principal Waller's plans to reform former villains. They arrive in his classroom and find it ransacked with him nowhere to be found, and deduce that someone was after him and caught him. Meanwhile, Miss Moone tells Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn that she and the other faculty planned a surprise birthday party for him, and invited his friends, despite how he keeps his personal life private. At the surprise party earlier in the day, he took his gift, the "Ultimate Unlocker" potion and ran out of the faculty lounge when she told him that she invited his non-school friends.

Later, Wonder Woman, Harley, Poison Ivy and Katana learn from Lobo that a bounty has been placed on Professor Etrigan, who left before he arrived to catch him for the bounty. Later, Wonder Woman and her friends find a portal to the underworld at the Portal Coffee Shop and deduce that Professor Etrigan has been taken through the portal. Wonder Woman and the friends she assigned to help her enter into the underworld, and soon find Professor Etrigan being held prisoner in a cage of fire by her father, Trigon. When Trigon catches them in cages of fire too, he tells that he used to work for Trigon for centuries committing crimes for him in Ancient Greece before reading a poem that taught him the "beauty of life". He then left Trigon and lived in hiding with Merlin's help, knowing that Trigon would not forgive him for betraying him. The party earlier today, then alerted Trigon's demons to his location, and he fled the school, ransacking the costume closet trying to make a disguise and using the Batplane to try to escape, only to eventually be caught by the demons. Miss Martian frees him and her fellow students, and they barely manage to all escape through the portal before it closes, being chased by the demons. Back at the school, Principal Waller sends him through a boom tube to somewhere safe while she works on a treaty with Trigon, and he waves goodbye to the students.[1]

Summer Olympus[]

In Summer Olympus, Professor Etrigan makes a cameo appearance hosting the Metropolis Theatre Camp and telling the attendees to take a ten-minute break.

Past Times at Super Hero High[]

In Past Times at Super Hero High, Etrigan appears in an alternate timeline as Vandal Savage's "finest interrogator", who he orders to interrogate Beast Boy, Supergirl, Poison Ivy and Katana, about the whereabouts of Batgirl and Harley Quinn. When Beast Boy tries to remind him that he is reformed, he denies being reformed, and that he has been working for Vandal Savage for centuries. After Batgirl and Harley Quinn return to the present in front of Savage High from the future through the time machine, they encounter Etrigan, and several other evil teachers, who Vandal Savage commands to attack them. In the battle that ensues, Wonder Woman, and their other friends join in the battle, while Liberty Belle attempts to fix the time machine. Professor Etrigan rips through Supergirl's cape with his claws. Later in the battle, Ivy kicks Etrigan by swinging from a tree branch, saying that he taught her the importance of making a dramatic entrance in her timeline, while the other students "hit" the teachers "with their best advice". After the students manage to escape in the time machine and restore the present, Etrigan and the other evil teachers presumably merge with their good counterparts from the restored timeline.



  • Demon Physiology
  • Immortality
  • Supernatural Condition
  • Extrasensory Perception
  • Regenerative Healing Factor
  • Dark Arts
  • Magic Combat
  • Precogntition
  • Telepathy
  • Telepathic Combat
  • Hell-Fire Manipulation
  • Fire Magic
  • Esoteric Flame Manipulation
  • Pyrokinetic Combat
  • Fire Attacks
  • Shapeshifting
  • Shapeshifting Combat
  • Human Morphing
  • Demon Soccer Physiology
  • Demon Morphing
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