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Professor Minerva is a character in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is an archeologist and the mother of Barbara Minerva.


Season four

In Truth of the Lasso Part 2, Professor Minerva appears in Wonder Woman's flashback being greeted by a young Princess Diana and Queen Hippolyta, who remarks that her work was highly recommended as she arrives on Themiscyra. Queen Hippolyta shows her the long-hidden artifacts they wish to recover: The Lasso of Truth, the Amulet of Harmonia and the Claw of Deceit. When her daughter Barbara Ann "Bobby" Minerva looks into the Palace, she reminds her to wait outside. As Queen Hippolyta promises that Diana will ensure Bobby feels welcome, she retorts that she is here to assist her and she should not be disturbed. Queen Hippolyta tells her not to touch the relics if she finds them as they are magically protected and she is the only one who can touch them. While excavating for the artifacts, she neglects Bobby and becomes irritated as Bobby expresses her interest in the Claw of Deceit. After finding the artifacts, she leaves to alert the natives and tells Bobby not to touch them. She returns with Queen Hippolyta after Diana uses the Lasso to defeat a three-headed giant dog and sternly asks Bobby if she touched the artifacts, to which she lies by denying. Later, she calls for Bobby as she first turns into the Cheetah by pricking her finger with the Claw of Deceit, causing her to change back and run back to her.

Graphic Novels

Summer Olynmpus

In Summer Olympus, Professor Minerva appears in an online profile found by Hawkgirl as she tells Batgirl and her friends over the phone that the Amulet of Harmonia was uncovered and logged a few years ago and is now in a private collection in Themiscyra.

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