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This article is about Queen Hippolyta (G1). For the generation two version, see Queen Hippolyta (G2).

Hippolyta is a recurring character in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is Wonder Woman's mother and the queen of Themyscira.


She greatly resembles her daughter.


Season one[]

In Roomies, Wonder Woman hangs and straightens a picture of her mother Queen Hippolyta in her dorm room at Super Hero High School.[1] The picture also appears on her dorm room wall in Crazy Quiltin' and Designing Disaster. In Fall Into Super Hero High, Wonder Woman mentions that her mother would "flip her bananas" as Bumblebee would say if she saw Harley Quinn's video of Wonder Woman and her friends' embarrassing moments because "Amazonian princesses can never show their failures".

Season two[]

In Dude, Where's My Invisible Jet?, Wonder Woman mentions that her mother would flip if she and her friends miss the first course of the Feast of the Five on Themiscyra. In the film Hero of the Year, Wonder Woman visits her mother in Themiscyra, along with Bumblebee, Batgirl and Supergirl, to get her shield fixed by the Alchemist. Later she gets used as bait to lure her daughter, Batgirl and Supergirl to Eclipso and Dark Opal, along with Martha and Jonathan Kent and Commissioner Jim Gordon, so that Supergirl would give up her crystal.[2]

Season three[]

In The Ares Up There, Queen Hippolyta appears hosting the Party of Plenty on Themiscyra when Ares crashes the event. She tries to tell him that he is not welcome here, but Harley Quinn interrupts her to confront him herself. Ares then goes on a rampage. After Ares is given the Amulet of Harmonia and turns mellow, Hippolyta watches as he leaves in a fiery burst.

Season four[]

In Truth of the Lasso Part 2, Queen Hippolyta appears on Themiscyra in Wonder Woman's flashback of how she obtained the Lasso of Truth. Hippolyta enlists Professor Minerva to recover three long-hidden artifacts, the Lasso of Truth, the Amulet of Hamonia, and the Claw of Deceit. She offers to allow Princess Diana to make her daughter Bobby feel welcome, but Professor Minerva replies that she should not be disturbed as she is here to assist her. She then tells her not to touch the relics upon finding them, as they are magically protected and she is the only one allowed to touch them. After Professor Minerva alerts her that she found the artifacts, she embraces Diana after she uses the Lasso to defeat the curse of the artifacts. When Diana admits that she touched the Lasso despite being told not to, Hippolyta gives her the Lasso for her honesty and true heart.

Season five[]

In Stage Fright, Hippolyta's name is mentioned by Miss Martian as she substitutes for her classmates who are unavailable to perform during a student stage production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. In the first part of Fortress of Solidarity, she attends the winter holiday tree ceremony at the Super Hero High foyer, hugging Wonder Woman who expresses delight that she made it. She later watches as the tree is lit beside her daughter.

Depiction in LEGO Media[]

Hippolyta is shown to be more uninterested and disrespectful towards her daughter's life at Super Hero High, as seen in Galactic Wonder where she pays the school a visit. She is rude to the teachers, Wonder Woman's friends, and even decides to transfer her daughter to Themyscira Academy. She and the other Amazons are later hypnotized by Eclipso's purple Kryptomites, and are forced to attack Wonder Woman and her friends. After being saved from her trance by her daughter's friends, she is more understanding and accepting of her daughter's school, thinking she is "in the right place".

Graphic Novels[]

Hits and Myths[]

In Hits and Myths, Wonder Woman talks to Hippolyta on her phone while flying to school. They discuss the slumber party later that night at Themiscyra with Wonder Woman's friends as well as the Odyssey, which Wonder Woman has to read for class. She remarks that the Odyssey is a true celebration of their Greek heritage, to which Wonder Woman replies that Professor Ertigan said the same. Later that day, Hippolyta welcomes her daughter while holding a tray of snacks as she arrives on Themiscyra with her friends for the sleepover.

Summer Olympus[]

In Summer Olympus, Wonder Woman talks to Hippolyta over the phone as she considers spending the summer with her father Zeus on Mount Olympus, who comments that it is so like her father to "wait until the last minute to extend an invite". Later, Strife attacks Hippolyta when she comes to Themiscyra to steal the Amulet of Harmonia. Strife uses her powers to sow discord amongst the Amazons, distracting Hippolyta to try to break up their fighting allowing her to successfully steal the Amulet. After Strife and Ares are defeated, Wonder Woman returns the Amulet of Harmonia back to Hippolyta on Themiscyra, and Hippolyta opens her palace as a temporary home to a few refugees including Wonder Woman's half sister Siracca and her mother in Wonder Woman's ending narration.

Past Times at Super Hero High[]

In Past Times at Super Hero High, Hippolyta's name appears on Wonder Woman's permission slip that she gives to Liberty Belle to go on a field trip to the time of the dinosaurs.


She is rearranging boulders in her garden when Wonder Woman goes off to save a boat of second graders in the Bermuda Triangle. She then sees her daughter watching the Super Hero High welcome video before letting her go, giving her daughter her cuff bracelets.[3]



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