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This article is about Queen Hippolyta (G2). For the generation one version, see Queen Hippolyta (G1).

Queen Hippolyta is a recurring character in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is the mother of Wonder Woman and the Queen of Themiscyra.

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  • Her appearance is based of the Robin Wright portrayal of the character from the 2017 Wonder Woman movie.
  • Cree Summer reprises her role from Wonder Woman: Bloodlines.

Depiction in the series

Season one

She is Diana‘s mother who tries to take Diana home and ground her for what she did. Luckily, the team tries to rescue Diana, but they were caught by the amazons. While they were battling against the amazons, Diana's Heart was warmed by Supergirl, who told Diana she was The World of Man’s hero. This caused her to stop feeling blue (Depress) and stand up to Hippolyta and telling her she passed the test, and its law. Hippolyta accepts it and lets Diana return back with her friends.

She reappears in the prologue of Awesome Aunt Antiope and tells her sister not to interfere in her daughters studies and punishes a young Diana. In a later flashback by Diana as she remembers how to defeat the Kraken, telling her why studying is important.

Season two

She made another flashback appearance in Sirens Conch where Diana (as a little girl) failed to hit her arrow on a target where her mother told her to she needed to perfect.

Her major appearance would beMother Knows Best where she arrived at Metropolis to she how Diana's doing on her mission.

Episode Appearance