Quinntessential Harley Transcript
It's my job as a superhero to save you... FROM YOURSELVES! Harley-fying is history. From here on out, the only things I'll be blogging about is boring-old sugar-free cupcakes!

Harley Quinn

"Quinntessential Harley" is the fourth webisode of Season 2 of the DC Super Hero Girls webseries.


The webisode starts off with Harley finishing up with her latest episode of Quinntessentials; her viral web series, ending with Harley squeezing a whoopee cushion.

It then goes to Lois Lane who is reporting live from the Capes and Cowls restaurant, about Harley's web success and shows the viewers how Capes and Cowls have gotten in on the action too, by creating a Quinn smoothie. Lois then takes a sip of the smoothie, only to have it blow up in her face.

Batgirl and Wonder Woman are watching the report, from Batgirl's laptop and are worrying that the fame may go to Harley's head. Harley then burst through the doors, sporting blue and red shades, making her way through, announcing her celebrity status.It then goes back to Lois Lane, who is reporting from a brand new Harley based convention, called Harley Con, where everyone can get the chance to dress up as Harley, showing various pics of the fans. Harley then explains how there's only one Harley in her blog and decides to try and prove it .

She attempts to pull off a prank at Metropolis' central park, by pouring shampoo into fountain, but is beaten to the punch by her own fans, who squirt her with shampoo and pull off the prank. Harley then goes to explain how it's her job as a Super Hero to save the public from themselves, explaining she'll be blogging about Sugar free cupcakes from now on. It then goes to Lois again, who is reporting on the die down of the Harley fad.

Later in her dorm room, Harley's sitting on her bed, looking at her laptop and feeling glum. Wonder Woman then approaches and asks whether she's ok or not. Harley responds by saying she'd rather be top-dog than have a bunch of copycats. Batgirl then appears, eager about Harley's new cupcakes. Harley tosses one to Batgirl, but when Batgirl goes to take a bit it explodes all over her, ending in the three girls laughing.




  • This webisode is listed as "Quinn-tessential Harley" on YouTube.
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