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Ra's Al Ghul is minor character who serves as the main antagonist for the episode "League Of Shadows."


Ra's is a calm, and patient rocker who wants nothing more but to purify the world of humans to restore the natural environment to its natural glory. However, he is truly power-hungry, sadistic, and hot-tempered. He sees his actions are wise and noble but they are misguided, sociopathic, and wrong. He is willing to hurt others by putting Kara under his control against her will.

Description in the series[]

Ra's al Ghul, literally translated from Arabic as Head of the Demon, is an international, immortal eco-terrorist, and an enemy of Batman and the Super Hero Girls. Believing that humanity is a blight on the planet, his extremist environmentalism has led him to seek the destruction of modern society. Born centuries ago, he has sustained his life through usage of restorative Lazarus Pits. These centuries of experience have made him an incredible tactical expert and physical combatant, allowing him to establish the League of Shadows. He then move to metropolis and own the place called Lazarus Pit (named after the pit) and made a place for rockers.

In the episode "League Of Shadows," Ra's tasks Ubu to bring Kara Danvers to him. When he did, he ends meeting her and Karen Beecher when introducing himself as "Ra's Al Ghul" which amazed Supergirl. he told Kara and Karen about him and his "Shadow Puppets" had spread to the entire world for a "Noble Cause" which questions Karen and said is for Rock and Roll. Ra's pleads to Kara that she can be the ultimate shadow puppet and said that he met someone "very cool" which Kara excited. He then gives Kara the "Demon's Fang", a red, glowing guitar pick and said to Kara to "enjoy the show" and walks off laughing quietly. Later, on stage, Ra's begins to play his song with his band called "We Really Mean It" which confuses Karen with the lyrics he says. when the music stops, Ra's begins to announce the song for Kara Danvers and sings the song called "When You're Mine" whose lyrics say the Demon's Fang will make the listener obey Ra's. When the song completely hypnotizes Kara, he proceeds to enact his plan.

He then attends the Up Past 8 Concert and reveals to Ubu and the League about his plan to wipeout humanity and all of its evil in the world and begin anew. He told his minions that their shadow puppet is ready and that tonight, they shall rid the planet of mankind's atrocities, and will start with the most obscene example of human weakness: "Bad music!", Which Shock Bumblebee. He then Reveals to his minions that he is prepared to use the Ultimate Weapon and that it can be controlled with "a stone from outer space." When Stage lights turn on, Ra's Begins to unleash the Red Kryptonite's Power on Supergirl and Commands her to Destroy the Up Past 8. The Super Hero Girls interfere and notice that the boys on stage are Barry, Hal, and Garth, dressed in the white Up Past 8 clothes, while Karen ties up the three actual band members backstage in their undergarments. The boys sing Let Me Save You With My Love while Kara attacks them repeatedly, Which angers Ra's and begins to attack them with full might. The Girls and the boys hug Supergirl while singing about her snapping out of Ra's influence. Supergirl ends up break free out of Ra's Control which causes the crystal to break. He ends up retreating with his minions dancing to the beat of the song.


Powers and Abilities[]


  • Leadership
  • Occultism
  • Music
  • Singing
  • Sorcery


Physical Appearance[]

He's an adult tall man dressed in green robes and pants, always holding a gold staff with a red stone in it, he also has a golden sash tied to his waist. Golden pointed shoulder pads curved upward around his body, connected to a long, billowing dark green cloak with a black bottom, having wearing golden boots on the feet. He also wears a strange pale whitewish garment that is tied to his neck with a light green amulet on the top of it.

He has chartreuse-colored eyes and dark blue hair with lines of dark green colored on his hair. He also has three black beards on the top of his chin.

His color of magic is red.

Appearances Throughout the Franchise[]

Season 1[]

Super Shorts[]


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  • Originally, in the Part 2 of the Episode "League of Shadows" Ra's line "Cockroaches, Viruses. Or cockroaches...CARRYING viruses!" was cut from all Cartoon Network and Netflix releases. This was presumably done so due to the 2019 COVID-19 pandemic taking place shortly after the episode aired.
  • From all the villains from the DC Super Hero Girls Franchise, Ra's Al Ghul is the only villain to have his own villain song.
  • Despite there being no direct comparisons, this version of Ra's al Ghul bears a strong resemblace to Jafar from Disney's 1992 Animated film Aladdin.
    • Interestingly, they both have similar appearances and have the same personality. In fact, although he's based on the original Ra's al Ghul from the DC Comics, this version of the television series acts more like Jafar rather than the original Ra's al Ghul.
  • Ironically both his speaking voice and singing voice actors  Sendhil Ramamurthy and Jason C. Miller each have roles in the DC universe. Ramamurthy portrayed Bloodwork in The Flash and Jason C. Miller voiced characters in Wonder Woman (2009), Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2010), Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 (2013).