#RageCat is the twenty-seventh episode of Season 1 of DC Super Hero Girls.


The episode begins with a montage of Jessica and the other animal shelter employees holding an adoption event. All the shelter animals are adopted, except one that Jessica finds in the back of the animal shelter. The other employees warn her about the cat, Dexter, and his violent behavior. She attempts to find Dexter an adoptive home but Dexter behaves badly and they go from one attempt to the next. After several failed attempts, Jess takes Dexter to a photoshoot. A crowd forms around him, and then his eyes glow red and a red beam from the sky hits him. He levitates, and a red power ring slips onto his tail. He emerges from the glowing red beam and introduces himself as "Dex-Starr of the Red Lantern Corps." He explains that the members of the Red Lantern Corp members are the angriest beings in the universe whose power rings are fueled by rage. Dex-Starr attacks Jessica, who transforms into Green Lantern, subdues him, and takes his power ring. The scene fades to white and fades into a shot of Dexter looking sad and Jessica whispering "It's almost time..." The shot zooms out and Jess shouts "FOR DINNER! Well, what do you think, am I the perfect owner or what?" Dexy slaps away his food bowl and the scene cuts to black after Jess says "oh you!"



  • Atrocitus and other Red Lanterns cameo in this episode.
  • It is revealed that Diana is allergic to cats.
    • Despite this, she is seen surrounded by cats in a newspaper photograph in "Shock It To Me" and does not show any signs of allergy. It is possible that she is only allergic to certain breeds.
  • Although Jimmy appeared in this episode, he did not have speaking lines.
  • This episode features Green Lantern's transformation sequence from "Frenemies".



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