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This article is about Raven (Teen Titans Go!). For the generation one version, see Raven (G1). For the generation two version, see Raven (G2).

Raven, also known by civilian name Rachel Roth, is a character in the TV series, Teen Titans Go! (2013-present). She is a member of the Teen Titans.

Deception in the series[]

Conceived through the relations between a human and the demonic entity Trigon the Terrible, Raven had harbored ghastly evilness within her soul from birth. Expected to follow in her father's footsteps, she left the infernal dimension of Azarath to enslave the people of Earth. While Raven was terrorizing Jump City, a young sidekick named Robin took notice of her immense demonic powers. He figured that she would be perfect for his new team... so long as she was on the good side. Although her destiny was to enslave the Earth, Raven had grown tired of listening to her annoying dad. With the help of her new friends, Raven eventually fought her way up to the top and earned a spot on the Teen Titans. Now a hero for justice (although not too enthusiastic about it), Raven fights the forces of evil in Jump City, and occasionally the forces of evil still inside her.


With the safety of the world in mind, Raven chooses to keep her feelings and emotions to herself. She often has little to say on a given subject, and when Raven does speak more than one word, it is usually in a dull, monotone voice. The other Titans often consider her a bummer on the team. Unlike the other Titans; Raven appears to be more calm, cool, laid-back, observed, quiet, reserved, and calculated, with strange personality. But Raven's four teammates constantly push her to the breaking point. They often regret it, though, when she unleashes the full might of the demonic side within her. At times, she enjoys reveling in the misfortune of others by deliberately inflicting agony on Robin. Despite her usually gloomy state of mind, Raven is also shown to have a fun side, especially as the series has progressed, becoming an anti-heroine. She loves watching the ultra-girly cartoon Pretty Pretty Pegasus, a direct opposite of her typical aura and loves to dance. Even though she prefers to keep a low profile, occasionally she will enjoy a good time with the Titans, or at least try to.


To complement her shadowy and dark mood, Raven dons an indigo-colored cloak, rarely revealing any of her body besides the lower portion of her face. Beneath the overlying garment, Raven wears a black, long-sleeved one-piece suit, complete with red gems near her hips. She sports a pair of indigo shoes with skulls prints on the soles, and her legs are completely bare. A red jewel-encrusted clasp keeps Raven's body locked away from Beast Boy's salacious eyes, and her hood is usually drawn over her head. Whenever Raven does lower her shroud, she shows off her pale-white skin and short black hair. Also, she has a red, diamond-shaped chakra on her forehead. When Raven descends into a demonic fury, the chakra bursts into flames, her hair turns a ghastly white, her skin turns blood red, and all four of her horrific yellow eyes open up, making her resemble Trigon.


Cambion Physiological Abilities[]

  • Soul-Self
  • Telekinesis
  • Telekinetic Construction
  • Magiportation
  • Flight
  • Power Absorption
  • Spellbooks
  • Fang Retraction
  • Purification
  • Life-Force Absorption
  • Curse Manipulation
  • Time Manipulation
  • Replication
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Reality Warping
  • Meteorite Summoning
  • Useless Powers
  • Planet/Universe Destruction
  • Creation Life Creation
  • Reversion
  • Dimensional Travel
  • Power Absorption


  • Leg Strength
  • Dancing
  • Martial Arts
  • Agility
  • Knowledge

Outside of DC Super Hero Girls[]

  • Music: She can play the double-neck guitar, the drums, the turntables, the tambourine and the banjo skillfully
  • Rollerblading

Appearances Throughout the Franchise[]