DC Super Hero Girls Wikia
[theme song playing]
Holy potatoes, Jess!
Your parents' cabin is so awesome.
Forget the cabin, how 'bout that lake? Huh? Huh?
Look at all that water!
-[Garth grunts]
-And no worries about tonight's entertainment,
'cause I got it covered.
Nothing goes better with nature and fresh air than...
[ominously] The Cabin Massacre weekend trilogy.
On a retractable
3D theater screen with ultra 4K resolution display and 10.2 surround sound that runs on... this!
A nanotech pocket generator that will run our electronics the entire time we're roughing it!
I'm sorry, Babs, but "roughing it" means no tech.
You heard her. No tech.
That also means no powers, Hal.
But... lake.
[objects rattle]
-[object thuds]
[Jessica] Don't give me that look.
We couldn't use our powers even if we wanted to.
Did you forget about...
[crow cawing]
Um, why is she here?
Um, why am I here?
Because it's a weekend surrounded by the glory of nature.
And who would enjoy it more than ultimate nature lover,
Pam Isley?
-[branches snapping]
[nature screaming]
[nature screaming]
-[nature screaming]
[screaming continues]
[Pam] Monsters.
[all laughing]
[Pam shivering]
Isn't this great?
The stars, the campfire, the camaraderie.
I thought you might be hungry, so I made us... veggie-kabobs!
[Pam gasps]
I've gotta go.
Jessica Cruz: Don't get lost, all right?
[Hal] That chick is weird.
You could try to make her feel more welcome, you know?
Hey, I built a super-welcoming fire, what do you want from me?
[Barbara] She shouldn't have gone out there.
She could fall victim to...
The Witch of the Wood!
[both scream]
The Witch of the Wood?
Ooh, The Witch of the Wood.
Ooh, ooh, I'm so scared.
Babs: Oh, it's no story.
The only reason no one knows about her is because no one's lived to tell her tale!
[both gasp]
A tale of tragedy and horror!
You see...
The Witch of the Wood was once a beautiful woman who lived long ago.
She was mother to 13 little children.
But a deadly plague swept through the village, taking all her darlings with it.
Driven mad with grief and despair, she vowed to bring them back to life!
But to do so, she knew she must find them amongst the graves of the plague's victims.
[plant zombies groaning]
[Jessica] Hang on, hang on.
There's no such thing as witches or zombies, Babs.
Stop trying to scare everyone.
[all shivering]
It's totally not...
[clears throat] ...working.
Then you won't mind if I continue.
Ugh, whatever.
I'm going to get more marshmallows.
Hopefully this nonsense will be over when I get back.
Oh, it will...
-[yelling] ...or will it?
-[Karen, Hal, Garth shuddering]
Falling deeper into madness, she pulled more and more mangled corpses from the earth... sending them forth to find her children.
[plant zombies groaning]
And should they, destroy those who would do them further harm.
[Pam screaming]
[gasps] Was that Pam?
[gasps] The Witch of the Wood got her!
[all screaming]
Come on, you guys.
I totally made that story up.
-There's no such things as witches or--
-[plan zombie groaning]
Babs: Zombies! [screams]
[all screaming]
[plant zombies groaning]
[panicking] They're everywhere!
[all screaming]
[Karen] Oh, no, Garth!
What do we do?
-Jess took all our power thingies.
-[water bubbling]
[Garth] Fear not, young Karen.
For unlike you mere mortals,
I need no power thingy to become the mighty master of the deep.
[all screaming]
[gasps] The cabin.
It's our only hope.
[all panting]
-[Hal grunts]
-[Barbara and Karen] Hal!
-[Hal gasps]
-[plant zombie groaning]
[all gasp]
[all screaming]
-[both panting]
-[Jessica] Hey, guys?
Do you know where are the gluten-free graham crackers are?
I found the...
What's going on?
We're under zombie attack!
They took Pam! They took Garth!
They're here for our immortal souls!
Oh, please.
You think I'm falling for that?
There's no such things as witches, and there's no such thing as--
[plant zombies groaning]
[Karen, Jessica and Barbara screaming]
[Barbara grunting]
Hey, Hal.
How about some help here?
Hey, uh...
I don't feel so good.
Can one of you girls, like, make me a sandwich or something?
Are you okay?
[groaning] Oh, yeah.
Totally fine.
[voice distorting]
Put me in, Coach,
I'm ready to...
[Jessica] Hal?
[Hal moaning]
-Babs! Over here.
[Barbara grunts]
Our strikes have no effect on him.
He must be completely brain-dead!
I want a sandwich.
How can you tell?
-[Barbara and Jessica grunt]
'Sup, ladies?
[Karen grunts]
Um, guys?
[Jessica] The door isn't gonna last long.
-We're trapped!
-We need our power thingies.
Where are our thingies?
It's in the sack... hanging from the tree outside behind my mom's minivan.
We're doomed.
No. No, we're not.
We don't need powers.
We're three intelligent, capable young women.
We'll just have to... improvise!
Ready, girls?
Wait a minute, Jess.
Are you sure about this?
[stammers] I mean, aren't you a pacifist?
Ah, but you forget, Karen,
I'm also vegan.
And I eat plants for breakfast.
[all grunt]
[Karen and Jessica grunting]
-[Barbara grunts]
-[plant zombie gasps]
[plant zombie groaning]
-[Karen screaming]
You're coleslaw, sucker!
[Karen grunts]
Almost there.
[plant zombie screams]
-[Barbara grunting]
I always knew this is how I'd go out.
I always hated vegetables!
Yes! [exclaims]
Oh, no.
Now, this is the glory of nature.
[Green Lantern screaming]
[chainsaw whirring]
[breathing heavily]
[all breathing heavily]
I am Aqualad, king of the oceans.
[engine starts]
Pam, you're alive!
Hey... you're alive, too.
-[Jessica gasps]
-[tires screeching]
We forgot Hal.
[Hal] Um, hello?
Not funny, guys.
It's cold in here, and I'm hungry. Can someone make me a sandwich?
[theme music playing]