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- I have a riddle for you. What starts with "no" and ends with "way"?
- Well.. you can't arrest a guy for trying!
- No, but I can for breaking and entering, kidnapping, assault... and insulting my good taste!
- You're breaking my heart!! ... And pinching my sensitive wrist skin...

Batgirl and The Riddler

Riddle of the Heart is the twentieth webisode of Season 2 of the DC Super Hero Girls webseries, and the thirty-third webisode overall. It premiered on November 17th, 2016.


The episode starts off with Hawkgirl rescuing a cat out of tree, just outside Capes & Cowls Café. Hawkgirl gently picks up the cat and lowers it down into the nearby pet container, just as The Flash arrives to do the same. Hawkgirl then complains how she's stuck rescuing cats, when there's real crime occurring all the time around the city. Batgirl then appears with the final cat, but just before she can put I down, Flash notices a note tied around the cat's neck. Batgirl takes the note and discovers a riddle. She quickly works out that it is pointing towards the nearby clock tower.

Batgirl, The Flash and Hawkgirl arrive at the clock tower, to find a man tied up to one clock hands, dangling in the air and calling for help. The three manage to rescue him in time and discover another riddle tied to his back. This one directs them to the park. Batgirl, The Flash and Hawkgirl race to the park, only for Flash and Hawkgirl to be caught in a net-trap. Batgirl tries to help them, but Hawkgirl beckons her after the anonymous riddle master.

Batgirl races around the corner, to discover a glow coming from just above the hedge. She then quickly ran through the hedge, only to discover that an anonymous young man, had set up candles in the surrounding area. He then congratulates Batgirl on working out all of his riddles, believing he's finally found someone who understands him. Batgirl exclaims how she doesn't even know him, for him to then bow down and introduce himself as The Riddler, holding out a rose, asking her out to the dance.

A confused Batgirl asks what the weeping was about in one of his riddles and what it has to do with a dance. Riddler then explains that the weeping was tears of joy and his over-the-top romantic tactics. Batgirl quickly pushes him back irritated, exclaiming how he unleashed the cats, kidnapped a senior citizen and trapped her friends, all in an attempt to date her; in response, The Riddler eagerly nods his head. Batgirl angrily comes up with a riddle for him, which "starts with NO and ends in WAY". The Riddler, embarrassed, says she couldn't arrest him for trying to impress her.

Batgirl then responds back by saying she could for breaking and entering, kidnapping and assault, as well as insulting her good taste, she then cuffs him and drags him away. As the shot zooms out, a rose and the Riddler's calling card is revealed.




  • This episode was listed as the twenty-second webisode of season 2 on YouTube.