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"Ring Me Maybe Part 2" is the second webisode in the fourth season of the DC Super Hero Girls web series, and sixty-seventh webisode overall. It was released on January 25, 2018.


Carrying on from the previous webisode, Lois Lane is reporting on scene at the Capes and Cowls café, as Batgirl walks Grundy to the Bat-cruiser. Just as Lois finishes her report, a sudden glow appears from out of nowhere, only to be revealed as Sinestro's spaceship. Sinestro lands his ship on-top of a nearby building before Wonder Woman wonders what he was doing there.

Lois then continues to try and report, this time focusing on Sinestro's sudden appearance. Lois addresses him as the headmaster of Korugar Academy and the leader of the Yellow Lanterns, just as Starfire flies over to his craft. Flying in front of the craft's door, Starfire hopes that her sister Blackfire had also arrived, just as Sinestro emerges telling her that she'd see her sister soon enough, as she'd be coming with him.

Sinestro then grabs Starfire using his Lantern ring, encasing her in an astral projection cabinet. Frightened, Jessica shakily holds the camera in place, as Lois tells her that she wanted a better view, just as Flash races towards Sinestro, with Sinestro then firing off an astral projection of Cheetah, which chases after him all over the city, before then managing to capture the Flash. Wonder Woman then orders to Sinestro to let her friends go, while readying her lasso.

However, Sinestro assures Wonder Woman that she'd be joining them as well, noting that Super Hero High had robbed Korugar Academy at the Intergalactic Games, while sending an astral bird to grab her lasso, before trapping her in a container. Sinestro then loads the students into his craft, remarking that he'd need them well rested for training as soon as they arrived at Korugar. Batgirl then orders Sinestro to release her friends, warning him that he'd have to face the wrath of the bat otherwise.

Sinestro then just remarks that he required real super-powers for the team, before knocking Batgirl and her cruiser over and then revealing he'd need Supergirl. Lois tries to get a closer look, but Jessica just runs off. In her Bat-Cave, Batgirl is trying to contact Supergirl, warning her not to return to Earth as Sinestro was after her. However Supergirl mishears her and tells her that she's returning to Earth. Back in the Capes and Cowls café, Jessica hides for cover, just as a Green Lantern ring arrives, revealing that she was to be the next Green Lantern.



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