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Ring of Mire Transcript

[ Theme Song ]
Scene: Outside the park.

(The Super Hero High Supers are on a park clean-up, with Bumblebee using her wings to blow trash into the air and Supergirl using her laser-vision to burn it. Beast Boy also helps out, by turning into an elephant and using his trunk to suck up trash.)
Star Sapphire: I love picking up garbage!
Lois: Thanks, Star Sapphire! Back to you, Jimmy!
Star Sapphire: (smiles and the looks at the trash) Ugh! (takes her gloves off in disgust) Gross! Ew-ew-ew-ew-ew!

Scene: The bathroom.

Star Sapphire: Ugh! (breathing) Ew-ew-ew! (her ring falls down) Aah! No, no, no, no, no! (touches the pipe and looks) My Violet Lantern Ring! It must've been washed into…the sewer!

Scene: The sewer. Star Sapphire climbs down the manhole ladder and into the sewer, walking down the path, while complaining about how gross the sewer is.

Star Sapphire: This place is so gross, "ew" is in its name! Ew-ew-ew! (sees her ring in the sewage water) My ring! (carefully steps in) Ewwww…! It's okay, Star Sapphire. You can burn these shoes after you get the ring. (she gets her shoe stuck in the sewage and tries to pull it out, but just as she does so, Killer Croc rises from the sewage)
Killer Croc: Well, well! Look who dropped in for dinner. Or rather, who will be dinner?
Star Sapphire: Croc! (quickly grabs onto a drain-pipe and crawls on-top, while Croc chases her. Croc knocks down half of the drain-pipe, as Star reaches the corner, after which she swings from drain-pipe to drain-pipe, with Croc fast on her tail, ending in Croc getting his head stuck in between two thick pipes, as Star runs towards her shoe, pulling it out of sewage) No!
Killer Croc: Where you going? (While she's putting it on, however a ton of sewage drops on her ring)
Star Sapphire: You got me dirty? (quickly rushes towards her ring, as Croc rises up in front of her, splattering sewage on her dress, then flips over Croc and runs to her rings, quickly searching the water and diving under to look. She rises up, having found her ring and starts to use it's power against Croc) Meet my ring!
(Star Sapphire constructs a giant pink boot, from her ring, using it to trip Croc over and then dodging his every attack, causing him to slip repeatedly and eventually get's hit, right in the belly. He then gets back up and beat back again twice, as Star Sapphire, uses a giant construct of a teddy bear and an anvil to knock him out. Finally she uses a wardrobe to catch him as he pounces. He comes out wearing Star's clothing, tearing it apart in anger. Star, then finally uses her ring, to form a cage and capture him.)
Killer Croc: Beg ya! No more! Aw, Violet Lantern Ring hurting!
Star Sapphire: All right, no Violet Lantern stuff. But the ring still hurts. (uses her hard ring to punch him, knocking him out) Ew-ew-ew-ew-ew!

Scene: Super Hero High School.

(Star Sapphire emerges from a hot shower, in her bath robe and hair covered with a towel, feeling great, having cleaned off. However Harley Quinn is around the corner and carrying a stack of pies. The tower begins to topple as Star Sapphire is coming round the corner and Sapphire gets covered.)
Harley Quinn: Sorry! I know you hate gloopy gunk.
Star Sapphire: After what I've been through today? Being covered in pie is a piece of cake!