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This article is about Robin in generation one. For the generation two version, see Robin (Dick Grayson) (G2).

Robin, real name Damian Wayne and also known as the Boy-Wonder, is a character in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise who appears in the season five episode Kid Napped. He is the son of Batman and the grandson of Ra's al-Ghul.


Damian is a small child with short spiky black hair, tan skin, and wears a black mask to cover his eyes (although his mask is green in his other incarnations to differentiate him from the other male Robins). He also wears a red Robin suit with the "R" initial on the left side above his chest and has black sleeves, black bottoms, and wears green gloves and boots, complete with a golden belt and a yellow and black cape, similar to Dick Grayson.


Damian is very prideful of both his skills and his heritage, as he snobbishly proclaims this to Batgirl. He also expresses disinterest in his own kidnapping, and critiques the villains on their inefficient means of capture. He is also a skilled assassin like his mother and grandfather.

Like most of his incarnations, this version of Damian is sarcastic, egotistical, and impulsive.


He is voiced by Grey Delisle Griffin in the English version of the cartoon.

Season five

In Kid Napped, Robin appears being babysat by Batgirl, throwing a batarang at her as she calls that she will arrive soon to help battle shadow creatures. He later flees from the bedroom, as Batgirl chases after him. As she carries him back into the bedroom, he complains that he finds that how his father believes he needs a sitter to be insulting, as he was raised by trained by the League of Assassins, and does not believe he needs an "inept fool tending to [him] as if he were a common brat". As Batgirl orders him to bed, he yawns while protesting that he does not need sleep. As Batgirl tells she needs to help his friends and that she cannot waste time on him, he agrees to go to bed, offended that she does not consider him to be one of her friends and declines to have her read him a story. He is then abducted by two of the shadow creatures, who hold him hostage at an abandoned building. After waking up from a magic-induced sleep by the shadow creatures bound to a chair, he easily frees himself, telling the shadow creatures to avoid using a basic knot and suggesting to use a bowline or a half-hitch. As they tie him to the chair again, he comments that their knot is now more of a challenge, and suggests that the shadow creatures try a more dramatic appearance, as they put him to sleep again. As Batgirl arrives to rescue him, she finds that he has already defeated the two shadow creatures and tied them to the ceiling. Robin tells her that she should help her friends, as he has the situation under control. Batgirl apologizes for what she previously said, saying that he is her friend and that he is not a waste of time. They then leave for home, with Robin telling Batgirl that he will allow her to tuck him in, but cannot promise that he will sleep.

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