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This article is about Robin in G2. For the generation one version, see Robin (Damian Wayne) (G1). For the Teen Titans Go! version, see Robin (Dick Grayson) (Teen Titans Go!).
This article is about Dick Grayson as Robin in G2. For his G1 counterpart, see Nightwing (G1).

Richard "Dick" Grayson, better known by superhero identity Robin, is a character in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise who debuted in From Bat To Worse. He is Batman's sidekick Batgirl's former rival and the leader of the Tween Titans.

Depiction in the series[]

Robin is Batman‘s sidekick who first appeared in a flashback in From Bat To Worse where he revealed himself to a young Barbara Gordon and told her that Batman doesn't need a girl like her to be part of his team and told her to go home as he leaves, causing Babs to become heartbroken.

He later appears again at Gotham Con where he was revealed to be the special guest instead of Batman and after he insulted Barbara in front of the people at the con, Harleen (as Harley Quinn) decided to get back at him but is foiled thanks to Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) interfering. Later during the Cosplay Contest, Robin discovers a bomb under his seat as both Batgirl and Harley try to get rid of the bomb, and after both manage to stop it, Robin became a bit jealous seeing the attention he would usually get now in the spotlight of Batgirl and Harley. He later appeared in a flashback in the end where Harley forced him to give her an autographed photo of him to Babs.

He is the leader of the Tween Titans. In the episode of the same name Robin (who goes by Dick Greyson) is having a birthday party and both Karen and Jessica were hired to watch him and his friends while Bruce Wayne and Alfred are out during a live showing of Make It Wayne. During the party, Robin and his friends revealed themselves and started causing chaos all over the Mansion. It would be until Karen and Jessica use their powers to not only defeat Robin and the Titans but manage to put them to sleep.

Although he doesn't physically appear in it, he's mentioned by Babs in Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse. Babs gets a message from Batman saying Robin had become Nightwing and wants her as his new sidekick, but she declines, wanting to be with her friends and said Harleen was her new sidekick.


Robin is a very rude kid. He is a jerk and nerdy who feels very proud of being Batman's sidekick and always presumes this. He isn't afraid to show he thinks he is great, even more, he likes doing it. Though he is a superhero, he lacks the qualities that make a great superhero; he is not kind, generous, or humble.


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  • As revealed in From Bat To Worse, he and Batgirl are rivals. This is unlike in the comics, where he and Barbara Gordon are a couple.
  • He studies at Gotham Elementary.
  • His outfit is based on Burt Ward's portrayal of the character in the 1966 Batman TV series.
  • He is similar to Blooregard Q. Kazoo from Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends (another Lauren Faust show); due to the same voice actor and common personality.