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This article is about Robin (Dick Grayson) (Teen Titans Go!). For the generation one version, see Robin (Damian Wayne) (G1). For the generation two version, see Robin (Dick Grayson) (G2).

Richard "Dick" Grayson, also known by superhero identity Robin, is a character in the TV series, Teen Titans Go! (2013-present). He is the leader of the Teen Titans.

Deception in the Series[]

Born to a family of circus performers, Dick Grayson had a tough childhood growing up. His parents were killed in a tragic acrobat accident. The mega-rich playboy Bruce Wayne, otherwise known as Batman, adopted Dick and made him his sidekick, Robin (also known as the "Boy Wonder"). Having been mistreated by Batman, Robin left Gotham and arrived at Jump City. But after realizing that he was a useless loser without powers, the happy-go-lucky hero set out to start a team of teenage superheroes—of which HE would be the leader. Unfortunately, four hopeless recruits enraged Robin too much. The four failures from earlier convinced Robin to embrace his anger and used it to reclaim his team. Intent on never losing his team again, Robin has since then ruled the Titans with an iron fist, punishing any disloyalty or laziness he sees.


For Robin, anything less than perfection is absolutely unacceptable, and so his far-from-flawless team is constantly putting him on edge. Despite his authoritarian leadership, the Titans often disregard Robin's orders, exasperating him to the max. His worst fear is losing control. Every iota of power is lustfully coveted by Robin, out of immense insecurities that are all stemmed from Batman's mistreatment and negligence. Not only does Robin live on the borderline of insanity—he often crosses over, traveling deep into crazy land whenever he does not get his way, this causes him to become extremely violent and sometimes murderous as well. Robin is also arrogant, and sometimes he acknowledges that only him, and his team are the best out of all superheroes, but mostly himself, with the only superheroes who he acknowledge to be greater than him, and his faction are the Justice League. It is noted that Robin can never have supernatural powers, for because, giving him powers would make him become extremely power-hungry and become a total megalomaniac. As long as he remains powerless, he is more of a highly insecure wimp who has to rely on his powered friends to take care of his messes. While Robin's harsh discipline and abuse are usually counterproductive, overall he is a well-intentioned individual. No one has dedication to fight for justice quite as much as Robin, making him a very well-qualified leader of the Teen Titans. Also, as long as he's not being idiotic and unhinged, he can be part of the fun among the team.


Robin's suit consists of a Kevlar-lined red shirt that sports his "R" logo as well as a couple of yellow lines on its center. He wears green skin-tight pants, along with metal-tipped boots. Around his waist, Robin has a utility belt full of gadgets, stocked with everything from grapple guns to smoke bombs. His green gloves cover his embarrassing baby hands, and he wears a black and yellow cape. Rarely if ever are Robin's eyes seen; he keeps them hidden behind his mysterious mask. To finish off his look, Robin spikes his black hair, slathering lavish amount of hair gel into it every morning. Despite Robin's rad appearance, the other Titans constantly make fun of him for his short stature.

Weapons and gadgets[]

  • Staff
  • Smoke bombs
  • Bridarangs
  • Grappling gun/rope
  • Net gun


  • Acrobatics
  • Martial Arts
  • Physical Strength
  • Knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Master of Disguise

Outside of DC Super Hero Girls[]

  • Musical instruments: He can play the saxophone, the trombone and the flute skillfully
  • Makeup skills
  • Sports: He's physical at soccer, basketball, skateboarding, biking, bowling, dodgeball, surfing, baseball, karate and rollerblading

Appearances Throughout the Franchise[]


  • Robin is a lot different and more better than his DC Super Hero Girls counterpart. Unlike his counterpart, who is a rude and prideful narcissist, this Robin knows a lot about what it means to be a true and cooperating super-hero and is humble and caring at times. However, he, like his counterpart, has a rivalry with Batgirl due to their shared fanatic obsession with Batman and their needs to try and impress him.