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Damian Wayne, also known as Robin and Boy-Wonder, is a character that debuted in Season 5 of the DC Super Hero Girls webseries. He's the son of Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Talia al-Ghul, and grandson of Ra's al-Ghul (although he mispronounced his name as RAHS instead of RAYSH). He is also known as Robin. He is Arab-Chinese on his mother’s side.


Damian is a small child with short spiky black hair, tan skin, and wears a black mask to cover his eyes (although his mask is green in his other incarnations to differentiate him from the other male Robins). He also wears a red Robin suit with the "R" initial on the left side above his chest and has black sleeves, black bottoms, and wears green gloves and boots, complete with a golden belt and a yellow and black cape, similar to Dick Grayson.


Damian is very prideful of both his skills and his heritage, as he snobbishly proclaims this to Batgirl. He also expresses disinterest in his own kidnapping, and critiques the villains on their inefficient means of capture. He is also a skilled assassin like his mother and grandfather.

It is unknown if his mother and grandfather are still alive, since his grandfather was badly burned in the film “Son of Batman” and Talia was murdered by the Joker in the Arkham video game series. However, his mother may have been resurrected.

Like most of his incarnations, this version of Damian is sarcastic, egotistical, and impulsive. However, his “Batman Ninja” version seems more cheerful.


Damian Wayne first appeared in Kid Napped. He is voiced by Grey Delisle Griffin in the English version of the cartoon.


Batgirl: Batgirl and Damian appear to have a sibling dynamic, with Barbara being tasked with babysitting duty. They both resent this, as Damian claims he does not need to be treated like a child, and Barbara does not want to waste time on him when she needs to help her friends fight villains. However, they make up, and Damian allows Batgirl to tuck him into bed after she admits that she does consider him a friend.

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