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Rolling Blunder Transcript

[ Theme Song ]
Scene: Gym. Batgirl skates, and pushes Wonder Woman.

Batgirl: Sorry. Just upgraded my bat-skates.
Wonder Woman: You sure you don't wanna join our savage Supers Roller Derby team?
Big Barda: Nope. Nuh-uh. Just here for moral support.
Batgirl: But we have cool Roller Derby names! I'm Splat-girl! She's Steelier Thunder Woman. You can be—
Big Barda: Big Barda, and I'm not playing! You're up against the Furies?
Mad Harriet: (cackles) Big Baby is afraid of a little Roller Derby and my old house.
Big Barda: Uh... What if I fall?
Batgirl: Roll yourself up and fall small!
Big Barda: (groans) Big Barda doesn't do small.
(Gorilla Grodd stars whistling, the Supers start racing.)
Big Barda: What am I doing? What am I doing!?
Batgirl: Speed Queen is the Furies' jammer! The jammer gets a point every time she passes a member of the opposing team. You block her. (Gorilla Grodd continues whistling) I'll take care of jamming for our team!
(Batgirl blocks Lashina. Batgirl pushes Mad Harriet.)
Mad Harriet: Hey! No fair!
(Speed Queen starts to boomerang Big Barda. Gorilla Grodd continues whistling.)
Batgirl: Big Barda's not out of pounds! (Big Barda crashes out of Super Hero High, and Beast Boy appears) She's out of the building!

Scene: City. Big Barda skates faster.

Batgirl: I got you! (grabs Big Barda) Why didn't you tell me you can't skate?
Big Barda: You didn't ask!
Speed Queen: Let's make this an obstacle course!
(The pipe breaks fall down. Batgirl and Big Barda skate in the pipe brakes.)
Big Barda: Sorry!
(Speed Queen blocks Batgirl and Big Barda.)
Speed Queen: (cackles) With me!
Mad Harriet: Lookin' good!
Big Barda: (crashes) Sorry again!
(Big Barda falls down. Wonder Woman sets Big Barda free. Big Barda and Wonder Woman skate faster as the cars beep over the supers and the Furies on their rollerblades.)
Mad Harriet: Enough of getting dizzy!!! (pushes Big Barda and Wonder Woman)
(Big Barda and Wonder Woman go to "Belle Reve Penitentiary".)
Wonder Woman: She's heading straight for Belle Reve Prison!
Batgirl: If she crashes that velocity, she'll release all the criminals in the cellblock.
Speed Queen: Oh! Bonus points!
Big Barda: (Batgirl saves Big Barda) Oh! Thanks.
Speed Queen: Three and slam! Heal, pals.
(Big Barda throws her rollerblades on the Furies. Gorilla Grodd continues whistling.)
Batgirl: Ready for round two?