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Roomies Transcript

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A loud airhorn noise goes off. Wonder Woman jumps out of her bed ready to fight.
Harley Quinn Yay! You're awake! Happy first day of being roomzies, Wondy!
Harley Quinn pulls a party hat over Wonder Woman's head, and sticks a party blowout in WW's mouth, which WW blows moodily. Later, Wonder Woman is looking at herself in her mirror. Harley Quinn gets ensnared by Wondy's lasso of truth.
Wonder Woman My Lasso of Truth!
Harley Quinn Ugh! It was me! I clogged the toilets last week!
Wonder Woman zooms round her room and spreads out her décor.
Harley Quinn Ooh, redecorating? I say this place could use some razzle-dazzle glitter-bomb! Ha!
Wonder Woman Noooo!
Wonder Woman jumps in the way of the glitter bomb Harley throws, and gets covered in pink goo. She pulls an irritated expression. Later at Wonder Woman's desk, Harley grabs the book she is reading.
Harley Quinn Meh, this book's boring! Where's the romance? Where's the explosions?!
Wonder Woman It's a Math book, Harley! I need to study. So, could you know...
Harley Quinn Yeah I gotta being doing too.
Harley walks away miserably. Wonder Woman looks over at Harley reading a comic glumly, realizing how lonely she is. Sighing silently, she gets up and walks over to her.
Wonder Woman Harley... want to hang out?
Harley leaps up in delight.
Harley Quinn Wondy, welcome to my humble abode!
Harley hugs Wonder Woman, who smiles.