DC Super Hero Girls Wikia
Frost Cold! Cold. Cold, cold. Hot tea!
Lady Shiva Good morning, Frost!
Star Sapphire Sorry! I finished off the tea.
Frost Ugh, whatever.
Miss Martian EEEK! (teleports away)
Harley Quinn Last one to shower smells like a rotten egg!
Star Sapphire! Oopsie! I used all the hot water. Like cold is great for the hair.
Miss Martian Um. If you're not gonna go, I'll go. I like the cold. (Frost walks away) EEEK! (teleports away)
Bumblebee Save The Day alarm!
Frost Hmph! Hey!
Lady Shiva What's wrong with Frost?
Star Sapphire How am I supposed to know when she won't use her words? If only we knew someone who can read minds... Miss Martian.
Miss Martian But- But- EEEK! (teleports away)
Frost Mind your own mind, Miss Martian.
Miss Martian You're angry because... you're cold.
Frost Of course, I'm cold! I need heat to recharge my powers, and I have the rudest roommate ever! (Miss Martian uses heat vision in her eyes) Heat vision? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Miss Martian Yes.
Star Sapphire Ew... It's like a sauna in here.


Star Sapphire I'm listening! I think I like a better way you are grumpy.
Frost Thank you.
Miss Martian EEEK! (teleports away)