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This article is about Ravager (G2). For the generation one version, see Ravager (G1).

Rose Wilson (nicknamed Rosie) is a minor character in DC Super Hero Girls who first debuted in the episode "Dinner for Five."

She is the daughter of Slade Wilson/Deathstroke and Adeline Wilson. It is currently unknown if she will be a hero or a villain.


Rose is a kind and friendly individual, as she is always happy to make new friends. Although she loves her father, she is saddened and disappointed to see him doing his assassin duties and feels that her trust has been betrayed when he doesn't keep his promises.


Rose is a petite, pear-shaped, fair-skinned teenager with a medium height, followed by pale-cornflower eyes and shoulder-length, bluish-white hair with bangs. Her eyebrows are colored like her eyes, and she also wore thick eyeliner, coral blush and magenta lipstick for makeup.

For attire, Rose wears a thick black choker around her neck, a long-sleeved grayish-blue shirt under a dark blue shirt with a white skull on the front, a fire-orange sweater tied around her waist, a yale-blue skirt and a pair of dark gray boots. She accessorizes with two pearl-piercings on her ears.


  • In this incarnation, Rose doesn't use the Ravager alias, and she doesn't like the fact that her father is an assassin. She is shown to be more moral and correct.
  • In G1 and her other incarnations, she wears an eye patch. Also, her fully white hair contrasts the previous blueish appearances.


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