- We saved the day!
-And you got an A!

Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy

"Saving the Day" is the twelfth webisode in the first season of the DC Super Hero Girls web series, and twelfth webisode overall. It was released on February 11, 2016.


Wonder Woman shows off her new supersuit for Intro to Super Suits when the Save the Day alarm rings and the girls rush off to do their job, with Amanda Waller revealing that Mr. Fox was taking his invisible jetpack for a test drive and crashed into the amethyst at the top of the school. Wonder Woman tells Bumblebee to grab Lucius Fox while she stabilizes the Amethyst. Bumblebee goes into the jetpack's inner wiring by shrinking to release Lucius Fox, but he starts falling, so Wonder Woman tells Harley Quinn to save him by releasing a giant whoopie cushion. Unfortunately, Wonder Woman can't keep the amethyst up, so she tells Poison Ivy to use her vines to stabilize the gem.

After inspecting the gem, Wonder Woman then spots Cheetah on the back of the gem, who says that she was going to save Lucius Fox. She then begins to fall, so Wonder Woman grabs her with her Lasso of Truth. However, once ensnared, she reveals that she rigged Lucius Fox's jetpack to malfunction so she could save him and be Hero of the Month. She then also reveals that she sabotaged Wonder Woman's flight test, tripped her so she'd land in the fountain, ruined her Weaponomics demo on purpose, and replaced her facial cream with toothpaste (which didn't make her break out, much to her chagrin), causing Wonder Woman to comment on her now minty-fresh skin. Amanda Waller then announces that Cheetah's going to be in detention for a long time as she leaves with her and Lucius Fox.

Crazy Quilt then appears, telling Wonder Woman that the final was over, much to her dismay. However, he reveals it was over because her suit in action was one of the finest examples he'd ever seen, causing her to receive an A and the girls to cheer in delight.




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