DC Super Hero Girls Wikia
Speaker Text
Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Bumblebee and Poison Ivy suddenly appear
Wonder Woman What's wrong?
Amanda Waller It's Mr. Fox. He was taken this invisible jet pack for a test run to crash into the Amethyst.
Lucius Fox screams
Lucius Fox Help me!!!!!
Poison Ivy Great gardenias! The Amethyst is gonna fall like an autumn leaf!
Bumblebee The impact must've knocked it loose!
Wonder Woman Follow my lead!
Wonder Woman Bumblebee, you grab Mr. Fox. I'll study the Amethyst.
Bumblebee I'm on it!
Wonder Woman pushes the Amethyst
Lucius Fox I can't!!! I'm stuck!!!
Bumblebee I'm going in!
Bumblebee shrinks
Lucius Fox screams again
Bumblebee Oh no! Mr. Fox!
Wonder Woman Harley go!
Harley Quinn jumps and flips
Harley Quinn Whoopee!!!!!
Lucius Fox lands into a whoopee balloon
Wonder Woman Now that's what I call a One Of A Kind catch.
Wonder Woman pushes the Amethyst
Wonder Woman I need something to secure it. Ivy!
Poison Ivy I'm on it!!!
The vines grow
Wonder Woman Looks good! Inspection packed! Cheetah?
Cheetah growls
Cheetah I was going to save Mr. Fox! No fair!!! No fair no fair no fair no fair!!!!!
Wonder Woman I got you. Just grab on.
Cheetah Not the lasso of truth!!!
Cheetah falls down
Cheetah Noooo!!!
Wonder Woman sets Cheetah free
Cheetah Wonder Woman messes up everything! I was supposed to save Mr. Fox! Just what I was just jet-packed! I wanted to be Hero of the Month and-
Amanda Waller Wait. What else Cheetah?
Cheetah I sabotage Wonder Woman's flying test! And tripped her so she landed in the fountain! I ruined her weapononic's demo! On purpose! And I replaced her face cream with toothpaste, but it didn't even make her break out!!!
Wonder Woman No wonder my skin's so minty fresh.
Amanda Waller You're gonna be in detention for a long long time.
Harley Quinn, Bumblebee and Poison Ivy cheer
Crazy Quilt Ahem!
Wonder Woman! Oh! Right. I should get back to the super-suit finals.
Crazy Quilt It's over. No more final for you.
Wonder Woman But I had to leave to-
Crazy Quilt I saw your suit in action. And it was the finest examples of super suiting I've ever seen!
Wonder Woman We saved the day!
Poison Ivy And you got an A!
Harley Quinn, Bumblebee and Poison Ivy cheer