DC Super Hero Girls Wikia
[theme song playing]
♪ When super me
Becomes super we ♪
♪ Suddenly, magically
Pretty automatically ♪
♪ Crushing it side by side ♪
♪ Look out, world
We're Super Hero Girls ♪
♪ Now that we're together
Gonna get that super life! ♪
♪ Wow! ♪
[bell tolling]
-[door opens]
[door creaking]
[sighs in relief]
[teeth chattering]
[cell phone buzzing, ringing]
[cell phone continues ringing]
[Kara] It's Diana's.
She's not here.
[ringing continues]
Ha! Hey, Kara, wanna do something fun?
[plays riff]
[school bell ringing]
[indistinct chatter]
-Are you two trying to blow my cover?
Headmaster McDougal will suspect me immediately if he sees unauthorized visitors.
[Headmaster McDougal]
Stop right there!
[in Scottish accent] What, pray tell, is going on here?
Just three happy
McDougal students being totally ordinary and normal.
Ordinary and normal in my school is authorized uniforms only.
Those are a dress code violation, and therefore, contraband!
But, but, these are hand-made, hand-stitched, one of a kind...
Ow! ...Batman shoelaces.
[Headmaster McDougal]
These are mine now, young lady.
[Headmaster McDougal]
I make the rules here and everything under this roof is mine, if I so choose.
Your next offense will be your last!
[Tatsu] This academy used to be a castle in Scotland belonging to the headmaster's cruel ancestor Bevin McDougal.
Years ago it was moved to
Metropolis brick by brick and rebuilt.
Apparently, cruelty runs in the family.
So, is that why we're here, huh?
We're gonna rough him up, or something?
Every girl in this school has lost some meaningful item.
I suspect a haunting.
A dark force has come to McDougal Academy.
Each night as the halls fall empty, her nightly watch begins.
-When the bell tolls midnight, the spirit awakens.
-[bell tolling]
She stalks the halls, ransacks our rooms.
No one knows for what she is searching, only that her vengeful cry has shaken this campus to its core.
The scream that has earned her the name...
Silver Banshee.
I've been fighting the specter, hoping to imprison her in Soultaker, but I have no luck.
That is why I contacted Diana.
-Forget Diana.
Does she have... a Bat Thermal Scanner?
Bat EMF Detector,
Bat White Sheet Grabber?
Now, let's go hunt some ghosts.
[Kara] Hold on.
That's why we're here?
You two actually believe in ghosts?
Um, I literally turned you into one.
That's hardly proof.
Yes, it is!
All right, but look, if if will be hilarious to watch you two be dummies, and it will...
-Count me in.
Now, let's go hunt some ghosts!
[scanner beeping]
Lots of activity in here.
Wow! You guys are really into this.
Kara, you must take this seriously.
[Kara] Okay, yeah, yeah.
Totally serious.
In fact, I'm going to document all this ghost activity and you dufuses.
-[both whimpering]
-[teeth clattering]
There, you see?
[chuckles] You guys.
Ah! This is boring.
I'm still hungry.
I'll be back, oh, unless the ghost gets me.
-You saw that, right?
[ghost screeching]
[screeching continues]
Get it!
Did you see it?
See what?
-Argh! Huh?
-[door opens, closes]
Here. Let's split up.
Whoever finds the ghost first, contacts the group.
Got it?
[Barbara on radio]
East Wing commons, all clear. Yamashiro, report.
-[Tatsu] Nothing so far.
-Danvers, any paranormal activity?
Totally, dude.
There's like...
Whoa, wow! There's like tons of paranormal.
Oh, no! Guys, it's right here, guys.
Guys, the ghost is right in front of me.
[fake screams]
I can't believe what I'm seeing.
-[Barbara] Oh, gee, really?
-[Tatsu] We're on our way.
Stay calm.
This will be the most epic thing on MetropoVids.
[Barbara grunts]
[Barbara panting]
[both screaming]
[chuckles] This is classic.
All right, here they are, internet.
These two actually thought there was a...
This is it.
-[Batgirl] Hey!
Eat highly-focused, and radially-polarized proton, sucka!
-[Batgirl yelping]
Whoa! We actually did it.
[female spirit] No, this is not justice.
Your sword has imprisoned my soul, ghost hunter.
Now, it shall help me tell my tale.
My name was once
Siobhan McDougal, the eldest child in an ancient line.
When my father died,
I became leader of
Castle Broen and of all of clan McDougal.
But Bevin McDougal was not interested in taking orders from his sister.
He wanted the clan for himself.
[Siobhan panting]
[bell tolls]
[bell tolling]
[screaming continues]
I retuned in spirit to find my home was gone, and searched the world until I found it here.
But I can't rest until I have back what's mine.
[Katana whimpers]
We've made a terrible mistake.
I know where to find what she has been searching for.
[yelps] What is the meaning of this?
Are you sure about this?
What we have done is not justice.
She must find it herself.
[Headmaster McDougal whimpering]
[bell tolling]
[gasps] Siobhan, please!
This is not justice.
[flame roaring]
[Siobhan screaming]
[bell tolls]
I'm sorry, I...
I didn't know.
This is yours, as the rightful leader of the McDougal clan.
[Tatsu] Silver Banshee can finally rest.
She found the justice she deserved.
And I got my shoelaces back.
And everyone else got their stuff back.
Old headmaster McSnatchy Pants sure seems to have changed his ways.
[Tatsu] As have you.
Will you now admit you believe in ghosts?
Nah, I mean it's all smoke and mirrors.
-Boo! [laughs]
[continues laughing]
[theme music playing]