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[Opening shot: a close-up shot of an egg sitting on a desk.]
Mr. Chapin: (offscreen) The egg. (He picks it up with his fingers. Pull back to frame him in front of the desk, teaching the class) This is your assignment while your regular teacher's out. I don't know anything about home ec, I'm more of an auto shop guy (scene changes to show the class, but some weren't paying attention, like Zee painting her nails, Oliver on his phone, Kara and Harleen napping, and Carol staring at Hal lovingly), so I looked online and this was the first thing I found. (push in on the classmates, then pan to the right) Now, I know you people don't know anything about responsibility or protecting the helpless, but I know you care about grades. So you're gonna partner up and bring your egg back Monday. INTACT. Or else! (Cut to Babs) And don't even think about breaking it and buying a new one, 'cause I stamped them all.
[Sure enough, when Babs looks at her egg, she turns it to see that it is stamped, with Mr. Chapin's face on it.]
Mr. Chapin: Alright, (onscreen) here's the teams. (o.s. as the camera cuts to...) Diana Prince and Karen Beecher.
[Diana and Karen both giggle with excitement. Whip pan to Hal, Carol and Selina.]
Mr. Chapin: (o.s.) Hal Jordan and Selina Kyle.
[Carol gasps in disbelief, she was hoping she would be paired with Hal, but…]
Hal: (leans back in his chair, turning his head to his selected partner. Flirty) Hey.
[Carol glares at her as Selina just rolls her eyes at Hal Cut to Mr. Chapin.]
Mr. Chapin: Barbara Gordon and Garth… (looks closely into his clipboard. To Garth) Do you even have a last name?
[Babs gasps excitedly and Garth pops up and laughs happily. Whip pan to a wide frontal view shot of the class.]
Mr. Chapin: (o.s.) Zee Zatara and Oliver Queen.
[Zee and Oliver, who are sitting four desks away from each other in two ends of the front row of desks, both lift their heads up at this and turn them to each other with a surprised gasp.]
Zee and Oliver: (crossing their arms, disgusted) Ugh!
[Whip pan to a side view of Tatsu.]
Mr. Chapin: (o.s.) Tatsu Yamashiro and Leslie Willis.
[Leslie sneakily tries to reach and snatch the egg from her, but Tatsu sees her arm, grabs the egg from her reach and glares at her partner. Leslie leans into view and laughs with a shrug. Then, the camera whip pans to…]
Mr. Chapin: (o.s.) Jessica Cruz and Pam Isley.
[Pam's eyes go wide with her irises shrinking in shock the moment her name is said. While Jessica exclaims excitedly and hugs Pam tightly, who groans in annoyance. Whip pan to Carter, Garth and Barry.]
Mr. Chapin: (o.s.) Carter Hall and Barry Allen.
[Barry gasps excitedly as he raises his hand towards Carter for a high five, but he leaves him hanging, causing Barry to pout and groan. The camera goes over to Carol. She has a ticked look on her face and her arms crossed, due to not being paired with Hal.]
Mr. Chapin: (o.s.) Carol Ferris and Doris Zeul. (Pull back to frame the egg sitting on Doris' desk next to Carol's, but Doris isn't there) And, since Doris is skipping as usual, Carol, looks like you're once again destined to be alone.
[Carol scoffs in disbelief at hearing this.]
Mr. Chapin: Mmm-hmm. (onscreen) Last and actually kind of least, (o.s., as the camera cuts to…) Harleen Quinzel…
Harleen: (wakes up) Wait… What?
[Pull back to frame a certain student still napping.]
Mr. Chapin: …and Kara Danvers.
Kara: (wakes up, lifting up her head with a sticky note stuck to her left cheek) Huh?
Mr. Chapin: (sitting down) We good? Good.
[Diana and Karen turn their heads to each other. Cut to frame them. Their egg sits on Diana's desk.]
Karen: (to Diana) Man, this is so great! (She moves her desk closer to Diana's, accidentally causing the desk to shake, which makes their egg roll slowly towards the edge of the right side, all while she and Diana didn't notice) We're gonna get A's for sure! I've been working on 3D printed packing peanuts that are 250% more shock absorbent!
Diana: And I have raised griffons from eggs since I was 170!
[The egg starts to tip at the edge, then back and forth.]
Karen: Ha! We've got this in the-
[Karen gets interrupted when the egg finally rolls off of the edge as they hear it crack onto the floor, which catches their attention.]
Karen: Crud.
[The camera zooms down to a close up of the broken egg.]
Tatsu: (offscreen) At last! (Pull back to frame her and a horrified Diana and Karen) My chance to surpass Diana Prince as valedictorian is at hand!
Leslie: (walks over to her into view and holds out her right hand) Well, put 'er there, partner!
[However, the moment when Tatsu grabs her hand to shake it, she ends up crushing their egg that happens to be hidden in Leslie's hand the whole time. This makes Leslie laugh as Tatsu looks at the broken egg on her hand, disappointed. Cut to Pam and Jessica. Their egg sits on Pam's desk, who is irked at being paired up with Jessica.]
Jessica: (to Pam) Isn't this exciting?! We're going to spend the whole weekend together, hanging out, (Pam eyes their egg) hanging out, (medium shot of her) taking care of our egg...
[Pull back to a two-person shot of her and Pam; she notices the egg is missing and Pam appears to be eating something)
Jessica: Wait, where's our egg?
[Pam burps, revealing she has eaten their egg raw.]
Jessica: (saddened and disgusted) Ugh!
[Cut to Barry and Carter.]
Barry: (to Carter) This is super cool, right? Like, (whispers) you're Hawkman. (outloud) And that means you know all about eggs and birds and stuff, (places the egg in his chair) so all you gotta do is keep sitting on that egg 'til Monday. Boom, instant A!
[However, when Carter shifts slightly, a cracking sound was heard. Carter gets up from his desk and sees that his and Barry's egg has ended up broken from being crushed on the seat of his pants. He growls at Barry, knowing they have failed.]
Barry: Bad call? Bad call.
[Camera zooms over to Kara and Harleen, who are trying to get Mr. Chapin to switch them.]
Kara: (to Mr. Chapin o.s.) Yeah. We gotta switch partners, dude. (side view of them)
Mr. Chapin: "Mister" dude.
Harleen: I can't work with her, she's got emotional problems! (Kara crosses her arms at this offended) Lemme be with Carol instead.
Mr. Chapin: Nope. Carol is alone.
Carol: (offscreen; yells) I'M NOT ALONE!
Mr. Chapin: (to Kara and Harleen) Listen, you two. You're both one F away from summer school. So you either spend the next two days together, (o.s., as the camera cuts to Harleen and Kara) or you spend the next three months together, (they both glare at each other) got it?
[Kara and Harleen turn their heads away from each other and groan as they both shake hands in reluctant agreement.]

[Later, cut to the exterior of the Metropolis Mall. Inside, Kara and Harleen are buying packaging supplies for their egg. With Kara taking some red fragile tape, then stacks a box on top of another, and Harleen grabbing a bag of packing puffs. Harleen, who is riding the shopping cart, laughs while tossing a handful of packing peanuts into the air as she and Kara run off with the purchased supplies with Kara pushing the cart. But, while they were having fun, they didn't realize they left the egg behind on the counter. The employee's arm accidently knocks their egg into a box full of packing peanuts that is on a conveyor belt. The employee closes the box's flaps, tapes them shut, and while whistling, presses the green button that activates the conveyor, sending the box with the egg inside through the rubber flaps into a tunnel.]

[Cut to the exterior of the sliding door. It opens as Harleen and Kara exit through.]
Harleen: (singing) We ain't goin' to summer school! We ain't going to summer school!
[They left offscreen. Meanwhile, Selina walks by into frame with her egg and the camera follows her. She wasn't too happy about being paired up with Hal.]
Hal: (zooms up from behind her into view) So, you won the partner lottery, huh? (She doesn't respond) Relax, babe, we got this. You're a chick, right, you got that whole nurturing thing? (Selina's eyes widen from hearing that one) You should try smiling more. (she glares at him)
Carol: (offscreen) There you are, Hal Jordan!
[Pull back. Hal gasps and jumps as Carol walks over to them into view, pushing a lavender baby stroller.]
Carol: (coldly) Oh, Hello, Selina.
[Selina rolls her eyes. Medium close-up of Hal.]
Hal: Oh, uh, hey, Carol. How'd you know I'd be at the mall? (cut to Carol)
Carol: (giggles) You always restock your athlete's foot cream on the third Saturday of the month. Duh! (tilt down as she kneels down to the stroller. We see her egg inside the stroller, wearing a miniature shirt with a white 16 on it) Now, can you watch Hal Jordan Junior tonight? (Close-up on her egg as she pokes it) I have to work.
Hal: (nervously) Hal Jordan Junior?
Carol: (zooms in view, giggles; hugs his arm) He's just like you, delicate and round, sort of cold. (glares at Selina offscreen. Pull back to frame her and she rolls her eyes)
Hal: Uh, look, I got my own egg to worry about, all right? I mean, yeah, Selina's all nurturey and stuff, but she's a few eggs short of a dozen (does a cuckoo sign) if you know what I'm sayin'...
Carol: (to Selina, smirking with her arms folded) Hmph!
[No longer having this, Selina pulls Carol out of the way, sending her to the floor and shoves the egg onto Hal's chest, smashing it and storms off.]
Hal: Meow.
Carol: (stands up) Ugh!

[The camera follows Selina and stops as she storms off out of frame, all while Zee and Oliver walk into frame, conversing with each other, with Zee's arms crossed and Oliver holding their egg.]
Zee: Okay, we can both agree that I despise you, right?
Oliver: Yes. Wait, what?
Zee: So, the only way I see this working is if we treat it like an acting exercise. I'll play the role of Mother, you play the role of Father, and we just have to keep Baby safe until Monday, got it?
Oliver: Of course! I could play Father in my sleep! I just need to come up with a tragic backstory…
Zee: (snatches the egg from him) Hmm! (walks off o.s.)
Oliver: Ugh!

[Cut to Garth and Babs sitting at a table. There, they are having food. Zee walks over to the table.]
Zee: (groans) Hey, guys, (takes a seat) how's it going for you?
Babs: (stands up) So good. Garth has this old baby carrier laying around and it's (close-up of said carrier with her and Garth's egg inside, the egg donned with a pink small bow on top of it) totally gonna get us the A!
Garth: (pull back to view him) Yup. (chuckles) Lucky my mom kept all my baby stuff. In my room... for me to use instead of getting normal stuff. (chuckles nervously) So lucky.
Oliver: (taking a seat next to Zee at the table and grabs a drink was on Babs' spot of the table) Oh, so your mother actually has affection for her offspring? How novel. (slurps drink and glares at Zee)
Babs: So Garth, can I borrow that thing to take the egg on patrol tonight? Gotta introduce it to "The Life."
Garth: (gasps, knowing what that means) No! You can't take her... I mean "it" crime-fighting. It's too dangerous.
Zee: (offscreen) He's got a point, Babs. (Cut to show her and Oliver; Onscreen) It's an easy A if you just make it to Monday.
Oliver: (scoffs) Yes, let's not forget about the grade. (Zee crosses her arms, getting ticked as he continues) Wouldn't want to mistakenly show we care, would we, Mother?
Zee: (inhales) Can we just have... (screams) A MEAL?!
[Quick pull back as "a meal" echos. This shocks Babs and Garth and makes people around them turn their heads towards their table. Push back into said table.]
Oliver: Oh, well, that's just lovely! In front of our friends, too! (Babs puts her left hand out front of her and Garth's egg, as if trying shielding it's eyes from seeing Oliver and Zee argue)
[This all goes into indistinct arguing.]
Zee: (in unison with Oliver) Well, you're always the one starting arguments in front of the other friends…
Oliver: (in unison in Zee) Yeah?! Yeah?! Is that so?! Okay! Oh, really?!
[During the argument, pan to the left to show Kara and Harleen running back to Lex Press in terror, where they last went with their egg, having realized it was not with them. Cut to the front of Lex Press, where they both run out, unable to find their egg inside.]
Kara: (in fear, as Harleen screams) No, no, no! (Medium shot of her) The egg is not there! What are we gonna do?! (pull back to show Harleen looking through a nearby trash can) Think, Quinzel, think! (Harleen lifts her head from the trash, a banana peel on top of her head)
Harleen: (puts her finger on her chin as she thinks) Hmm...
[The camera zooms over to Carol, who is seen using a rag to wipe the egg Selina smashed from Hal's shirt. The camera zooms in on her egg in the baby stroller. Then the camera zooms over to Zee, Oliver, Babs, and Garth's table. There, Zee and Oliver are still arguing, the former doing the "blah-blah" hand gesture with her left hand as the latter talks.]
Zee: (in unison with Oliver) Meh, meh, meh, meh, meh, meh, meh…
Oliver: (in unison with Zee) We've been over this, but you never listen!
[Zoom in to Zee and Oliver's egg in between them. Tilt up to Garth and Babs. Babs shrugs at Garth, who sets the baby carrier on the table and the camera zooms in to their egg. Cut back to Kara and Harleen. Harleen has thought of an idea.]
Harleen: Hey, Danvers, how bad do you wanna stay outta summer school?

[Cut to inside Garth's house, at night. Garth tucks in his and Babs' egg in a white cradle as he sings a lullaby to it.]
Garth: Na na na na na. (kisses the egg goodnight) Sleep little… (turns off the lights) egg. (closes the door behind him, leaving the room)
[Shortly after, Kara and Harleen's heads pop up outside of the window. Turns out Harleen's plan was to steal Garth and Bab's egg. Harleen slides the window open and Kara reaches for the egg, and grunts as she is just an inch closer to grabbing it, but she soon refrains.]
Kara: (o.c.) I can't do it. (cut to her and Harleen) I can't steal. There has to be another way. (Turns to Harleen for a moment, as she switches places with her) Like you stealing.
Harleen: (pats her shoulder) Gladly! (rubs her hands, laughing mischievously)
[She then reaches for the egg, but finds out it is no longer there.]
Harleen: Hey! What gives?
[They look to the right and the camera pans to follow their gaze. They notice a window on that side of the room that has been mysteriously opened.]
Kara: Looks like someone else had the same plan.

[Cut to a close-up side view of Garth and Babs' egg. It now wears a small bat mask. Turns out, Babs, as Batgirl, decided to take it out on patrol, as she is riding with it in her scooter, having disregarded Garth telling her not to.]
Batgirl: I want you to live life, egg! (Pull back to frame her) Live life!
[However, she ends up hitting a pothole in the road, causing the egg to go flying out into the air.]
Batgirl: No!
[Batgirl stops her scooter in front of caution tape and watches the egg fly over a barbed wire fence and land on the ground. But strangely, it doesn't break.]
Batgirl: (gasps) Yes!
[Then it rolls downhill towards a woodchipper.]
Batgirl: (o.c., screams) No!
[The egg falls inside, but then it is launched out without a scratch.]
Batgirl: (o.c.) Yes!
[It is tossed over another fence.]
Batgirl: (o.c.) No!
[It then lands onto the ground, but it still didn't break.]
Batgirl: (o.c.) Yes!
[Unfortunately, the camera pulls back to reveal the egg has landed in the middle of the road. The straw that breaks the camel's back is when a truck with a Lex Press logo on it runs over the egg, finally crushing it. Medium shot of Batgirl.]
Batgirl: No! I mean yes! I mean, (cut to a close-up on the now broken egg with a slight zoom out) NOOOOO!

[The scene cuts to the next day with a head-on shot of the exterior of a door. Carol knocks on the door, which opens revealing Hal. He has bags under his eyes and in a bathrobe, having got out of bed.]
Carol: (from o.c., as she hands him her egg) I picked up a morning shift, so I need you to watch Hal Jordan Junior, (pull back to frame her on the front porch, with her arms folded and eyes shut) Hal Jordan.
[Her eyes shot open the moment he slams the door.]
Carol: (groans) Ugh!

[Meanwhile, cut to the exterior of the Zatara residence. Inside, cut to a full shot of the Zee's double doors to her room. Kara and Harleen tiptoe over and pop up in front of the doors. Now, they are planning to try and steal Zee and Oliver's egg.]
Harleen: (to Kara) Okay, you distract her and I'll take the egg… and all her other stuff.
[She is, of course, referring to Zee. Before they could do a thing, however, they suddenly hear voices from inside Zee's room, two of them belonging to her and Oliver.]
Oliver: (from inside) You don't know the first thing about raising an egg! You probably put it in a carton and drop it in the refrigerator until Monday if I weren't watching!
Zee: (from inside) Oh, how dare you?!
[They flinch at the sound of a crash. Cut to a frontal view of Kara and Harleen in a medium close-up.]
Oliver: (from inside) You hide behind your big hair, (Harleen and Kara look at each other frightened by the argument) and your… your… alliterative name, and you think you can just walk all over me?!
[Back to a rear view of Kara and Harleen again.]
Zee: (from inside) Ugh!
[Another crash is heard, followed by the sound of a shattering.]
Harleen: (nervously) You know, I… think I know where there's another egg.
Kara: Right behind you.
[They both tiptoed quietly away from Zee's door, as Oliver speaks the next line.]
Oliver: (from inside) You can't hide in there all day, Zee, I WILL SEE MY EGG!

[Meanwhile, the scene cut to the exterior of Hal's house. Cut to inside Hal's Kitchen. He is there, still groggy, and making a protein shake, judging by the ingredients on the table and some contents added in the blender. Hal opens a jug of chocolate milk and pours it into the blender jar, as his eyes fall shut. Kara and Harleen pop up outside the kitchen window and spy through it, having snuck over to Hal's house to steal Carol's egg. As the scene cuts to a close-up of three eggs, two normal and Carol's egg, the girls watch Hal grab each of the two normal eggs, but then he accidentally picks up Carol's egg, much to their horror.]
Kara and Harleen: (gasps; with the camera zooming in on them as Hal cracks Carol's egg o.c. and puts it in the blender) Noooooo!
[During that line, cut to a dutch angle shot of the blender, its lid is now sealed on top of it. Hal presses a button that turns on the blender, mixing the contents inside with a zoom into the jar for an extreme close-up. The miniature shirt that Carol dressed the egg in can be seen inside spinning around as the mixture turns from brown to pink.]

[Match cut. The background changes around the blender in Hal's kitchen to a similar one in Sweet Justice, and the camera pulls back to the same dutch angle from Hal's house. That blender has no lid closing it, and inside the jar is a mixture that's the same pink color as Hal's. Barry picks up the blender jug, pours the contents into a glass, and slides it to Oliver, who is seen sitting at the counter. It turns out Oliver is having a milkshake. Barry is about to put the jar back on the blender base, but Oliver stops him.]
Oliver: Leave it.
Barry: But Oliver, you-
Oliver: I said leave it.
[And Barry does just that, placing the jar on the counter for Oliver, who slides the glass and jar towards himself. We cut to him; we see that he seems to be exhausted, his hair drooping and he has bags under his eyes.]
Oliver: Look at me, Barry. Look what she did. (bangs the counter) A shell of the man I once was! (he put his head face first down on the counter. Side view of the two.)
Barry: (chuckles) "Shell," I get it!
[Suddenly, Hal comes in through the doors. Quick zoom in to a medium shot of him looking panicked.]
Hal: (panicked) You guys! (zooms over to Oliver and Barry, as the former lifts up his head) Does this look okay?!
[In a close-up of his hands, Hal shows them Carol's accidently broken egg and that he tried to tape it back together. However, it doesn't stay together and just breaks. Pull back to the three-person shot of the three guys.]
Hal: I knew it. Carol's gonna kill me.
[Zee crosses over into frame and shoves Hal out of the way.]
Zee: (To Oliver) I spoke to my attorney. I've agreed to partial custody.
[As the scene cuts into a close-up of Oliver's hand, Zee hands him one half of their egg, which turns out to have been hardboiled. Whip pan to Harleen and Kara, who notice this from outside through the window, where a female patron enjoying a banana split got a glimpse at them.]
Kara and Harleen: (screaming) Noooooo!
Kara: Ooh... (faints)
[Cut back to Oliver and Zee, who has her head turned from Oliver and her arms crossed. Oliver looks closely at his half of their egg and notices something wrong.]
Oliver: (gasps) Did you hard boil our egg?!
Zee: Of course I did, you blithering... (gasps upon realizing and takes out the other half as Oliver glares at her. She smiles nervously) Oops.

[Cut to outside Sweet Justice, where everyone is now sitting. They are saddened and disappointed that they're all gonna fail the egg-sitting assignment.]
Babs: (sighs) Looks like we have to face it. We all messed up. There's no way any of us can walk into class tomorrow and get a passing grade.
Kara: And we're gonna have to hang out like this for months!
Harleen: I know!
[Kara and Harleen hug each other, crying. Pull back. A Lex Press delivery truck drives by, dropping a package box. Packing puffs fall out and out of the box rolls an egg with Mr. Chapin's face stamped on it. Kara and Harleen stop crying and separate as everyone sees the egg. Cut to a close-up of Kara; the camera quickly zooms in for an extreme close-up with two transparent black bars emerging from top to bottom to her eyes. Whip pan to Harleen and the same thing occurs. Then the scenes go to a split screen of the aforementioned girls, then a 4-person, then 6-person, and lastly a 12-person split screen. Transparent black lines slide into each of the 3 rows. They look at each other.]
[Having decided it is every person for themselves, they all jump for the egg, but it starts to roll away as Carter jumps last on top of everyone. In a dutch angle, everyone chases after the egg. Babs can be seen running on all fours. Camera view then goes to an upright angle.]
Karen: Careful! Don't break it!
[Babs was about to get the egg, but…]
Karen: (as she shoves Babs out of the way) Sucka!
[She gasps when the egg gets grabbed. Turns out, it was her own partner, Diana.]
Karen: (to Diana as the camera pulls back to frame her) Hey! We're on the same team!
[Diana is gonna hand the egg to her partner, only for Hal to snatch it away as he laughs, causing her to gasp. Carter tackles Hal, making him drop to the ground and drop the egg. It lands on the ground, but doesn't break, then rolls downhill. It is seen rolling towards the Metropolis Pier. It rolls past people walking by and underneath a hot dog cart pushed by a vendor. The egg rolls over to Tatsu, who picks it up.]
Tatsu: Victory is mine!
[But not for long, as unknown to Tatsu, in the last two words, Carol pops up from on top of the arcade arch behind her and lunges at her from above with a battle cry, which makes Tatsu turn to see her and gasp as she lands on her. The dust cloud for a moment clears to show Carol is on top of Tatsu, grabbing hold of her left leg and pulling it as the latter pounding her fists on the floor from the agony. They both soon realize that they don't have the egg, and look up to see it fly in the air.]
[The egg lands on top of a bell. A pull back reveals it has landed on a red and yellow high striker, a carnival game where one plays to test their strength. Just next to it is a sign that reads, "Test your strength, 25 cents". The group runs over to the carnival game. Selina uses her swift agility and leaps onto Kara, then on a canopy and reaches the top of the tower. Kara finds a mallet and brings it down on the lever, sending the puck up at high speed and it rings and shatters the bell, causing Selina to vibrate from the loud sound, and the egg to fly in the air, as the group watches in shock.]
[The egg lands onto a seat. The camera pulls back to reveal it landed in a bumper car ride, inside a purple bumper car beside Jimmy Olsen, who is riding it and drives off-camera, not noticing the egg. The group chases after him and the egg in their own bumper cars; a yellow one for Kara and Harleen, red for Garth and Babs, blue for Barry and Carter, and green for Oliver and Zee, and another purple car Hal and Selina. Cut to a rear view of Jimmy's car. Jimmy looks behind him and sees them. Tatsu and Carol move into the fray in another yellow bumper car and Kara and Harleen come in front of them. The sound of a spring is heard as Jimmy gets scared, believing they're after him and tries to get away, but they pursue him. Harleen and Kara move in and manage to ram Jimmy's car, causing Jimmy and the egg to fly out of it and he lands on some stuffed animals while the egg flies overhead. Afterwards, Jimmy pops up, his hands to his wide smiling face.]
[The egg is tossed back and forth all over the pier with the group running after it, and Karen can be seen lagging behind. It flies through a ring toss game where a woman tosses a ring and the egg flies through it in mid air, confusing her and the carny as it catches their eyes. Hal jumps to catch the egg, but misses. A man is about to take a bite out of a powdered donut when the egg flies through the hole, causing the powdered sugar to fly clean off the donut and cover all over his face. Eventually, it lands into Garth's hands.]
Garth: Hey, I got it! (chuckles. To the group as he raises the egg over his head) I got the egg, guys!
[The group charges in his direction, and dog piles on him as everyone starts to fight trying to get the egg, their fight covered by a big dust cloud. However, unknown to them, the egg rolls from the fight and over to the left, where the camera pans to follow it rolling to Pam, who picks it up and walks away from the squabbling group towards the camera as the scene fades to black.]

[Cut to Pam at her desk, where she places something wrapped in a foil on it and unwraps it, revealing she had the stamped egg cooked sunny-side up and placed on a slice of bread rather than use it to avoid failing the home ec assignment like the others. She places another bread on top and presses down on it, making it into an egg sandwich. Pam picks up the sandwich, bites into it and eats. Pull back to view her classmates looking on with shocked and disappointed stares and glares, unable to believe what she did with the egg.]
Teacher: (o.c.) Good morning, class! (cut to her walking to her desk carrying something covered in a sheet) I hope you all had a good weekend. (As she places the object on her desk and looks into a clipboard) Let's see what Mr. Chapin had you doing while I was away. Oh, dear, not the egg thing. That is so outdated! (puts down clipboard) I mean, who can't take care of a simple egg, right? (Cut to Harleen and Kara, as she continues o.c.) I hope that assignment didn't cause too much stress. Let's just pretend that didn't happen, shall we?
[Harleen and Kara gasp happily, turn to each other, grabbing hands, smiling in agreement with Harleen nodding and Kara raising her brows repeatedly. Back to the teacher.]
Teacher: Luckily for us, the school mascot, Hammy, had babies! (pulls the sheet, revealing Hammy has nine baby hamsters. Close-up of the hamsters) Now this is a real test; (picks them up) a living, breathing creature depending on you for its very survival. (cut to the class who, except Pam, are wide-eyed at this; o.c.) I see Mr. Chapin already assigned partners, so we'll just keep those, shall we?
[Pam belches, making all her classmates look at her again with shock and disgust.]

[The end of "Scrambled Eggs"]