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DC Super Hero Girls Wikia
This article is about Season 1 (webseries). For the TV series, see Season 1 (TV series).

The first season of the webseries began on October 1st, 2015, ended on February 25, 2016, and consisted of thirteen webisodes. The first season shows Wonder Woman's first semester at Super Hero High School. This is also the official debut for all of the main characters for the series. Each webisode in the first season was between one and four minutes long.


# Image Title Original Airdate
1 VideoCapture 20201117-173053.jpg Welcome to Super Hero High October 1, 2015
2 VideoCapture 20201117-173107.jpg All About Super Hero High October 9, 2015
3 VideoCapture 20201117-173130.jpg Roomies
4 VideoCapture 20201117-173150.jpg Crazy Quiltin' October 22, 2015
5 VideoCapture 20201117-173139.jpg Power Outage November 6, 2015
6 VideoCapture 20201117-173202.jpg Fall Into Super Hero High Novemeber 20, 2015
7 VideoCapture 20201117-173258.jpg Hero of the Month: Poison Ivy December 3, 2015
8 VideoCapture 20201117-173210.jpg Designing Disaster December 17, 2015
9 VideoCapture 20201117-173254.jpg Weaponomics December 22, 2015
10 VideoCapture 20201117-173218.jpg Clubbing January 14, 2016
11 VideoCapture 20201117-173235.jpg Hero of the Month: Bumblebee January 28, 2016
12 VideoCapture 20201117-173320.jpg Saving the Day February 11, 2016
13 VideoCapture 20201117-173339.jpg Hero of the Month: Wonder Woman February 25, 2016