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Seeing Red Transcript

[ Theme Song ]
Scene: Super Hero High School.

(Poison Ivy got pranked, Harley Quinn laughs.)
Poison Ivy: Harley, your pranks are the worst!
Harley Quinn: Ha! You would think that pranks are only appreciated by good humor gals!
Starfire: I thought they were the friends.
Hawkgirl: Three weeks of detention for you, Flash in the Pan!
The Flash: Make it four, goody-two-claws!
Thunder: Lightning, you're always wearing my stuff without asking!
Lightning: That headband looks better of meat, Thunder! (Lightning and Thunder fight)
Gorilla Grodd: I'm angry at vacation day THREE MONTHS AGO! (crashes Amanda's desk)
Amanda: Maybe if you would enunciate, I would've understood at you, Bamboo Breath!
Wonder Woman: I know it was you who broke the roommate, treaty! How long are you in the bathroom?
Batgirl: Not as long as you! They should call you, Wonder, how long she can hog the bathroom, Woman!
(Wonder Woman got electric. Wonder Woman and Batgirl fight. As long as Supergirl and Beast Boy fight.)
Supergirl: Is that all you got? (throws away Beast Boy)
Beast Boy: I'm just getting started! (transforms into a tiger)
Supergirl: (gruntingly) Yeah!
Starfire: No! This is not the way to behave in the society! Something is wrong!
Red Kryptomite: (cackles)
Starfire: It is the Kryptomite! The red makes the humans the angry. But Mr. Fox's studies prove that my Tamaranean DNA does not react to the wily ways of the kryptonite.
(Red Kryptomite hysterically runs away crying.)
Starfire: Come back to here, you meany of littleness! Supergirl, use the vision of X-ray's to find it!
Supergirl: Why would I help you?
Starfire: Um... I would find it the most upsetting if you told me to where (?) the Kryptomite went.
Supergirl: It went that way!
(Red Kryptomite still runs away. Starfire gets stuck by Poison Ivy.)
Poison Ivy: Look at the weird way she flies.
Harley Quinn: Ugh, and her outfit. Yuck-o!
(Red Kryptomite smiles.)
Starfire: You know what I think is the dumb, Ivy? The anti-Kryptomite chemical that you created. (Red Kryptomite questions it) It smells at the unwashed gym sock and I would never wish to be sprayed with it!
Poison Ivy: That's too bad. Because I still have some in my locker.
(Starfire gets free. Red Kryptomite disappears.)
Poison Ivy: Huh? What... happened?
Harley Quinn: I got a splitting headache.
Starfire: This Kryptomite was making you the not nice! (gives Harley Quinn the Kryptomite)
Harley Quinn My Kryptomite! I mean strange Kryptomite definitely totally probably not hiding it in my room! Ha, oopsie-whoopsie!
Poison Ivy: Thanks for saving us, Starfire.
Starfire: You are the welcome! Now I need to go to the shower that truly does smell of the unwashed gym sock.
Amanda: Of course you can have Friday off. Take Monday too!
Thunder: Sorry.
Lightning: I didn't mean it.
Hawkgirl: My apologies, Flash!
(Starfire nervously flies away into the bathroom.)