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Shaggyman is a minor character in DC Super Hero Girls. He is a sasquatch-like monster the Super Hero Girls occasionally battle.


Shaggy Man first appearances in the episode Fight At The Museum, rampaging through Metropolis. He tears a mast off a building and begins gnawing on it hungrily. Wonder Woman and the Super Girls are watching this, trying to coordinate an attack on him. However, an impatient Supergirl decides not to wait for Wonder Woman to come up with a plan and flies toward him with the battle-cry "Supergirl!" and punches him into the horizon.

His next appearance is in the short Stained Fighter, again rampaging across Metropolis on the same day Kara was doing her laundry at a laundromat. Upon seeing the chaos happening in the streets, Kara attempts to put on her costume, only to see it soaking wet. Realizing she doesn't have enough time to dry it, she then sees one of the driers and comes up with an idea. Outside, Shaggyman continues to cause destruction everywhere, but Supergirl arrives and defeats him, where he was captured by the police. While Supergirl saved the city, she is ridiculed by the crowd for her 'costume', which is a cobbled-together mess of random clothes. Later on, Kara discovers that the newspapers have dubbed this 'new' hero, Hot Mess Girl, much to her humiliation.


The Shaggy Man is an immensely powerful creature created through genetic engineering, whose strength and regenerative powers are so considerable that it can fight the entire Justice League to a stalemate. Various applications have been utilized to defeat each incarnation of it, ranging from burial deep into the sea, to placing an entire mountain on top of him.


  • Unique Physiology
    • Enhanced Senses
    • Regeneration
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Superhuman Endurance
    • Superhuman Strength


  • Diminished Intellect
  • Monstrous Appearance


The Shaggy Man is a massive humanoid monster, visually similar to a Sasquatch. Befitting his name, his entire body is covered in long, shaggy hair. The hair around his face is so thick, it reaches down to his chest, with only his eyes, ears, mouth, and nose visible. The only other parts of his body not covered with hair are his hands and feet. He also has a massive mouth, filled with razor sharp teeth and a voracious appetite.


Shaggy Man is a hungry monster and hates people getting in its way. The Shaggy Man’s built-in instincts make him a relentless killing machine. He’s incapable of speech, reason, or empathy. As an artificial lifeform, he also doesn’t eat, sleep, rest, or even breath – his mind is permanently focused on destruction.

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  • The character was identified as Shaggy Man by producer Ben Jones.[1]


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