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Shane O'Shaughnessy is a character in the DC Super Hero Girls television series who debuts in "Burrito Bucket."

Depiction in the series

Shane is the manager of the Burrito Bucket restaurant and Barbara's boss. He is shown to be a strict, mean, and abusive boss as he hates Barbara and he doesn't tolerate Barbara's personality and would love to fire Barbara. In "Burrito Bucket," he did fire her for failing to complete a large order of burritos, only to re-hire her after she saved him and the restaurant from robbers.

In "Veggie Burrito Bucket," he allows Jessica Cruz to replace Barbara when she is sick, only to discover that Jessica refuses to serve meat as she is a vegan. However, Shane revealed that the Burrito Bucket cannot afford real meat in their food and has been using meat substitute products, which makes Jessica happy as she can now serve the food without guilt.

In Working Stiff, He falls in love with Karen because of her awesome masterpiece



Super Shorts


  • He appears in Breaking News as a cameo
    • Running from Killer Moth on TV